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A day of corporate financial bliss was had yesterday. Yes, that’s right kids, we said the f-word, and for once it ain’t fuck. After a brief stint trucking around the majority of West London to see a band in rehearsal which in all honesty we’re pretty sure the rest of the (music) world is checking out and just not talking about it openly – bit like us right now, to a certain extent – the dreaded money matters were looming. We were shocked. Somehow we’ve not only managed to stay afloat this year, it seems we made a little bit of money. We’re not going to tell you how such a feat was achieved, mainly because we don’t actually understand how this has happened. It wasn’t supposed to. There may be a few of you reading this going “oooh, look at this guy, trying to show off in a dressed up form of modesty”. We will tell you right now there is nothing modest about this. Shit is hard. Everyone involved in the good ship KM has worked their tits’n’balls off to make this happen. We’re in good company, put it that way. Let’s see if we can do better this time next year eh? While we deliberate whether that is possible or not, listen to London-based Talk In Colour. We received a message from a person stating that they are a band intern, which we think is just great, and we would encourage any and all bands to get themselves a whipping boy/girl who will email people on your behalf. We’re starting to get into that mode ourselves, as of course with alleged money-making prowess (albeit not very much) comes an ego the size of the Milky Way, and we couldn’t possibly spend all our time talking to our many fans and sometimes need to get people to do that for us. We should also offer an apology to said-intern because he couldn’t find any information on our website to reach out to us. Yet he managed to email us. On the email bit on the home page, or possibly the About Us section. We applaud his resourcefulness in this respect, it couldn’t have been easy. Sorry man. We’ll do better next time. Having a website refurb going on right now, in fact. Anyway; the music. Having recently celebrated an EP release in form of new effort Rushes, from which current TOTD Rolling is lifted (this is co-incidentally the name of one of our favourite Limp Bizkit songs OF ALL TIME), this lot seem jam-packed full of electronic-pop vibes that is ever so thought-provoking to the listener. Indeed, we are thinking along the lines of BonoboMan Without Country and London Grammar on one hand, and Dems and Malpas on the Killing Moon-other. It’s actually some wonder as to why these guys aren’t bigger on the electronic scene than they are. Perhaps they are. Perhaps we know fuck all. Perhaps you should listen to them.

Talk In Colour – Rolling

Might as well smash out the whole EP tracklisting huh. It’s pretty cool right?

Talk In Colour – Candles

Talk In Colour – The Cell

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