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Baby In Vain
“Seize The End”/”Taught By Hand”

Baby In Vain

So, Norway was a blast. The festival is called Sørveiv, and being in it’s third expansive year in terms of musical output and, um, incisive panel-based “what’s it all about” style music biz discussion about, well, how great we all are/how stupid everyone else is and stuff we can honestly say that we’ll be back next year, whether as a delegate or as a punter (but yeah, invite us back guys. Shit/beer is expensive) and that we are very grateful to our friends Espen, Stein and Kjetil for having us down. There was the added bonus of meeting several cool people who we will definitely want to hang out with again on the general basis that they are rad dudes who help remind us to see working in music as a privilege and not a chore. For us personally, and perhaps in differentiation to similar crawl-conference-style events, it made a refreshing change to immerse ourselves in a line up that was (and to an extent probably still is) largely unknown to us. There is some seriously good stuff going on out there, and the embarrassing thing for us is that we weren’t even aware of it despite being presented as some kinda everlasting musical know-it-all. We’ve been called worse. So over the next couple of days we’ll try to reel off some artists who we can actually remember (we say the beer was expensive, however this didn’t actually stop us from buying it or sponging from other people. Of course it fucking didn’t), and the first of these very much has to go to riot-starting threesome Baby In Vain. We suppose we should remark on how this band is composite of three young girls averaging an age of 17; not so much to insinuate that it could be a sordid marketing point in itself, but mainly because based on what we saw and heard we could be forgiven for thinking that this lot could be a lot older than given the intensity and downright hard-crushing delivery of their brand of Be Your Own Pet meets Black Keys meets Father John Misty bluesy-style rock music. It feels like they are reaching a point that might take other bands a lot more seasoned than themselves several years and incarnations later to achieve; and the truth be told, the whole audience in attendance knew that this is/was the so-called “real deal”. Indeed, having spoken with a couple of the band members following that jaw-dropping show, they’ve got the attitude and general vibe of those who know they’ve got a good thing going. Best get familiar then, huh?

Baby In Vain – Seize The End

Baby In Vain – Taught By Hand


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