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“You Never Had Much Faith In Me”

Spirit Of Spain

So one for the personal history books for us this evening, we reckon. We’re all bundling up into a car and trekking it down to the dizzying bright lights of Maidstone (it’s in Kent; and that’s not our usual we’re-from-London-so-we-look-down-on-everything-else type mentality coming into play, we have actually been asked where that is several times over the last 72 hours, so this is as much for your benefit as it is for ours) to see V V Brown perform in front of a live TV studio audience for the ever-seemingly-out-of-arm’s-reach weekly event that is Later With Jools Holland. We might have mentioned it before. We’ve never been before. The girl herself has and she’s excited as shit, so you can imagine that we are reaching the levels equivalent that of a seagull that has crosshairs on it’s moving human target and is about to close in for the shitting-kill. Fact is, this is kinda a big deal to us. Like Duologue appearing at Reading Festival. We never really thought we’d ever get to that sort of stage. Now we have to act all “yeah, whatever, s’how we roll” sort of thing, we guess? While we all think of that as well as other pensivities, here’s an appropriately-titled Track Of The Day from an ambient bloke that calls himself Spirit Of Spain, which is called You Never Had Much Faith In Me. Well, hopefully you get the sentiment that we actually mean by that, in the way it is intended. No bitterness. Just our perception. Anyway, we’re assuming this is a bloke. Judging by the handful of pictures available on the musical entity’s Facebook, there appears to be one or two shots of a guy hunched over a guitar pedal board that, y’know, gives us that impression. We should probably tell you now that this is just pure musical enchantment. No lyrics. Devoid of most pop sensibilities that we have grown accustomed to as of late. There’s no glitzy production, crescendo effect, or drop that will have the kids going “bo” and/or “selecta”. In fact, the composition itself is inherently simple, and somewhat child-like. That’s kinda what we love about it; a splash of simplicity into a world of ours that has otherwise become riddled with complexities, forward plannings and long-term campaigns. Broadly speaking we’re reminded of similar bits relating to bands like Freelance WhalesTall ShipsRacing Glaciers and We Were Promised Jetpacks. So, yeah, it’s pretty emo. Guess the attraction for us there. You might need to listen to the other track I Never Had Much Faith In You in order to “get it”, or at least that’s what we perceive the artist to have intended. See you tomorrow.

Spirit Of Spain – You Never Had Much Faith In Me

Spirit Of Spain – I Never Had Much Faith In You

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