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“Lions”/”Tough Crowd”

Dios Mio

When we woke up this morning, we had found that we had aged by an entire year overnight. We had a few clues that this was always going to happen. Sure, we’re used to having grey hair (thank the maker that these are all on our head/face and not elsewhere, lest we’d really be screwed), few wrinkles hither and tither, the occasional bad back and an increased desire not to go clubbing ever again in favour of, well, sleeping. We do however feel noticeably more….mature we guess is the right word? Like we’ve learned a couple of things. So much, in fact, to the point that other people deem us worthy (not you lot, obviously; as far as the blog is concerned, we clearly deem ourselves worthy to say pretty much whatever we like) to be able to share our enlightened existence and undertaken experiences with the world at large – like CMJ, for example. CMJ. The festival that could not be got to, at least as far as we were concerned, for so many years. Now they’ve only bloody gone and asked us to hold court by way of speaking on a panel about how to set up and run an independent label in this day and age. Here’s the first lesson for free. Got parents that live in London? Live with em. They feed you and house you so you’re able to spend your money on crap like pressing vinyls. Anyway, enough of all that shash. Here’s newish peeps Dios Mio and their current double-whamster Track Of The Day to kick off this bizarrely-warm October week entitled Lions and Tough Crowd respectively (the latter perhaps some kinda sooth-say in lieu of our first proper music convention panelling effort? Dunno). We feel props should be due for choosing a band name that reminds us both of the bee suit-wearing Mexican guy in The Simpsons as well as the chorus of Miami by Will Smith. Anyway. This is nice. Not in a vanilla sort of way at all; very much in a this-suits-the-vibe-of-today-pretty-much-perfectly sort of context. Here we find the beauty is in the subtlety, particularly in respect to Lions which we’re currently jamming out to in the office whilst typing up this bad boy. Heck, Label Assistant Ross even piped up in the first strums of the Reef-like chords that ring throughout the rest of the track and registered his outright approval. In addition to the aforementioned, we reckon this is a bit like Rilo Kiley doing Let’s Buy Happiness doing Lulu & The Lampshades. Right on. An impressive first offering indeed, and in all likelihood a sign of good things to come from this lot.

Dios Mio – Lions

Dios Mio – Tough Crowd

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