“Girls On The Beach”


WOO. We feel thudding great right now. How’re you? You good? Cool, shut up a second and listen to our shash. You would NOT believe the amount of crap we’ve been up to since the weekend. Well, actually you may well do, since we have learned over the last year that no matter how pretty-sitting you may feel you are, you can rarely leave anything to assumption. So we moved flat. We’re now resident in Highgate with brother Tim H-B. Turns out that we had waaaaaaaaaaay more shit to move than we thought we did (case-in-point for our first big assumption of the last 96 hours) – we thought we could get it all done in three car trips. It was more like eight or nine. We also managed to fuck our back up in the process; this having been probably our first intense bit of exercise by way of lifting all sorts of heaviness for what feels like, well, ever and we count ourselves lucky that Tim is (a) better at this sort of thing than we are, in that he is physically much stronger and (b) he had the tolerance to put up with our little whelps of pain each time we had to lift something heavier than air. Real pain. In between that we finally got to announce our single release for bro-men Dems in form of Canvas World (which by the way you can download now digitally, with the 7″ coming up for ya in two shakes of a lambs tail over at the Killing Moon Records page) and this generally feels like it’s gone down well with youse lot. Course it has. Why wouldn’t it? They’re a rad band. Then yesterday was the icing on the cake. V V Brown did a wicked-cool instore at the Apple Store on Regent Street last night in lieu of a full-whack band instore performance at Rough Trade East on Friday, swiftly followed by a Turn First boom-up at an undisclosed central London location. Let’s just say we discovered that we are amazing at karaoke last night. Whitney Houston and 50 Cent ain’t shit. Well, we’re sure they are, but we can sing their songs to some degree of alleged competence. We imagine what we’re capable of when we’re not four fruity cocktails into the game. Anyway. That was that. We’re not going to apologise for neglecting Track Of The Day action on the blog given recent events, mainly because we’re sure no-one gives a fuck, but also because we feel newcomers Cordials more than makes up for it. Got scuzz? These guys do. They state their location as North Coast. Directionally-speaking this is a wise assertion to make, however we have had to a tiny bit of google-based research (and we usually hate doing that) in that they are probably referring to the north bit of Northern Ireland. Which is cool. Presumably given their preferred Track Of The Day title of Girls On The Beach, said-beach is also located on this coast. Who knows. Who cares? The point is this is sending plumes of indie rock into the atmosphere right from the tiny room that the below video is filmed in – and somehow they’ve managed to pack vibes of Be Your Own Pet, Paws and grungey undertones of The Pixies and Nirvana, into this rather compact soundscape. Reet good. Listen up, then toddle on over to their bandcamp to download an entire EP of this cool shit for gratis.


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