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We’re getting the distinct impression that we’re pissing certain people off. Which admittedly is nothing new – we personally rate ourselves as either the 2nd or 3rd most-annoying people on Facebook due to sheer amount of self-serving shash we whack up there on the reg (to be fair, we always thought that was the whole point of Facebook generally) – but this week we’ve got music PRs all up in our shit. See, back in the day, we used to have time on our hands. Lots and lots of time. We decided to fill that time by starting and running one of maybe a zillion music blogs that claim to rep all the up and coming stuff, thereby making all the determinable people of consequence like labels and agents and blahblahblahs take notice of our small-time operation and feel all chummy because they’re convinced we know all sorts that they don’t and really need to. Suffice to say, we ain’t got that sort of time any more, and hence some of those people who we could eagerly and readily respond to as we spent a sizable proportion of our then-sizable downtime back then are now might feel a tad shunned that we can’t nowadays. Aren’t we just the important so-and-so’s? Sorry music PR peoples. We will get back to you, one day. However, one San Mei unfortunately experienced the same unintentional shun when we got a wee email with deets of her new track about 7 or 8 days ago and we’re immediately regretful of such an eventuality, given that soon-to-be-released single Brighter has not only done some kinda rounds online already, but also is a bloody good track. Sorry girl. It’s okay though because our buddy James Cox gave us a boot up the a-hole today about it all. Hence we are writing about it now. He should be a PR or something. Anyway, here are the facts: San Mei is a girl. Her real name is Emily. She’s from the Gold Cost in Queensland, Australia, which we’re sure we can all agree sounds like a paradise based on name alone. She is releasing Brigher on 16th September via Tidal Wave. We think it sounds like a lethal dreamy-pop mix encompassing the best bits of Cyndi Lauper, Aluna George, Spark (remember her? She’s back apparently) and Pawws. We’ll round this off by saying this sounds like a way-poppier Grimes. Cool. Listen to it. It’s certainly, uh, brightened up our day (wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy).

San Mei – Tidal

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