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Last Heir

Guess WUT. We’re back in the game. We alive. You alive. We slept like an absolute fucking king last night, and leading up to said sleep-of-a-lifetime involved an evening largely populated by a rather special dressing gown, Just Eat and some well co-ordinated Star Trek episode screenings. There were a few other things but we probably shouldn’t mention them via the written word. It was heaven. Now that we’re back to full battle strength, we’re exploring the whole annually-occuring idea of doing shit during the day. We’ve nailed emails, taken phone calls, cleaned up after ourselves – shit, we even went to Tesco and bought literally all kinds of stuff including these blue discus thingies that you plonk in the top bit of your toilet to make the flush-water go really blue. We didn’t even know you could do that before. Of course, we are now entering a more pensive state prior to heading out and booming it up with our man-buds this evening (fruity cocktails have been discussed and decided upon in advance), and so here’s Brighton boys Last Heir with their pretty-new tune Monkey Heart to help us remember the good times and stop being so damn emo all the time. Apparently these guys played Great Escape in their nativedom back in May but as you all know we didn’t actually get out to see that many bands that weren’t playing our own showcase because quite frankly we spent way too much of the remaining time having the same conversations with about 50 different people that we see on a semi-regular basis anyway. Good one. Anyway, this could well be the feel-good end-of-summer anthem that we’ve been looking for this whole time – simple, sun-drenched power-pop. Indeed, somewhat unapologetically, the band have opted for a live performance vid that sees them shaking their asses, shredding the guitar, slapping the bass and banging them drums half submerged in what we imagine to be the Brighton seafront, all perfectly in sync to the Feeder (let’s ignore that video for Seven Days In The Sun for now) via Noel Gallagher via The Caesars via Harvey Danger-style tracking that Monkey Heart exudes all over the shop. If you vibe off mid-90’s indie rock, then by all means crank it hard and party down – also download it for gratis.

Last Heir – Monkey Heart


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