Violent Soho
“Dope Calypso”

Violent Soho

It’s our own personal version of Christmas Eve. Or New Years Eve. Some kinda eve. For tomorrow we clamber into our cushy and somewhat family-friendly Renault Megane, with Draper and Sam Faulkner aboard as crew members, and we will set course for Planet Reading Festival for three whole days of booming it hard and fucking shit up behaving at all times. It’s gonna be just great. In case we haven’t banged on about it enough, the merry men of Duologue are playing which pretty much shall be one of their biggest UK shows to date. Which is nice. It’s just so bloody nice. What else are we looking forward to? Well, we have brothers-in-arms Dan Croll and Sons & Lovers similarly taking to the stage(s), so if you’re coming/going you should probably do all of us a massive solid and just come see all three. We’ve spent the vast majority of today, well, doing work but at the same time we’ve also been reeling off a playlist to get us in the mood. Truth be told, this playlist has largely consisted of Alkaline Trio, which we fully plan on losing most if not all of our proverbial shit to. While you have a think about that, check out Australian men Violent Soho. They like to rock the party. They like to rock in general, given what we’ve heard and been told thus far. Dope Calypso is the first track on what forms the Brisbane 4-piece’s second long-player offering, which is in turn entitled Hungry Ghost; which, according to this-here press release that Chris Fraser sent over, sums them up in terms of “the urgency, the want, the search for [their music]”. Cool. Basically that means they like to rock out. The video was premiered by the ever-on-it Clash site today and is well worth a watch as a perfect supplement to the incendiary guitar explosion this lot seem hell-bent on ramming down your earholes so far down that it sticks out of your bum like a little musical tongue; we’re talking Smashing Pumpkins, early Biffy Clyro, Placebo and our personal-favourite-underdogs-of-the-century The Once Over Twice. You can toddle on over to the band’s Facebook page to download this shit for free. So, go download it.


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