“Hollow Home Road”


Apologies again for being relatively absent this week. As you might know, stuff is happening. Things are said. Money changes hands. Messages are communicated. Shit gets real. We as sleepers have awoken in both a metaphorical sense over the course of the last five days – in no small part due to our housemate Tim actually trying to make us confront and deal with certain problems we have right now (the utter helpful bastard), even though we felt we were dealing with them just fine by ignoring them (which to be fair we felt absolutely fine about) – and of course in quite the literal sense as we have little under an hour to get our asses in gear and train it up to Liverpool Lime Street for Part Deux of the Dan Croll/Racing Glaciers Venga Bus Party Mini Tour 2k13 that sees the two performing at the Camp & Furnace this evening. It’s free as well, we think. You should probably come along, it’ll be great. Also this possibly marks the first time we’ll be taking a train trip with our long-term ally Sarah Wall, aka The Great Wall aka Wallington etc. She’s going to get a sandwich at Euston station, she tells us. We shall have a Burger King, of course (and they’re not even paying us to say that, mind). We could try to make some long-winded connection between current Track Of The Day’ers Brolly and our current contemplation of stealing Housemate Tim’s umbrella for a second day running (he was not best pleased about us doing so yesterday, even though we had the decency to text him post-stealing it), and in a sense we kinda have just now. However we will opt to concentrate on the fact that we’ve got a few things to figure out over this weekend, as per the problem-confronting blurb above, and that Hollow Home Road is the likely contender for the most think-about-life Track Of The Day for this year. Brolly are from a place called Yuba City. It is in North California and has a 2012 census recorded population of 64, 925. We’re not sure how many people you need to constitute a city – for example, we’re pretty sure the population of, say, Ealing, is at least the same sort of density. But hey, who gives a shit. This emotive slice of indie/alternative rock is moving as hell. We’ve got lingerings of Keaton Henson, The National, Bon Iver and Elliot Smith ringing throughout our earholes upon listening to this. The video is the perfect contrast to this delightfully sunny weather blasting through our soon-to-not-be bedroom window, and accompaniment to the track; either way, we think this got played by Huw Stephens on Radio 1 the other night and we think that’s just swell. Powerful stuff.

Brolly – Hollow Home Road


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