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Get Inuit
“Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated”

Get Inuit

Observe the heavily pixilated image above. It is a picture of a dog on some grass with a triangle in the bottom-left hand corner (the latter of which we will go into in a sec). The reason this image is blurry as shit is because we just had to make it bigger in Microsoft Paint. The reason we take such a rudimentary approach to our graphic-designery-rendery skills is because we don’t have the time to become fucking experts in stuff like Photoshop, mainly because we’re running around like a prick trying to lube up some deals and get people paid and shit. If you have time to become good on Photoshop, how busy can you really be? Anyway, apologies to current Track Of The Day’ers Get Inuit (which is a word that Eskimos don’t like being called – we think – so additional apologies to anyone from the far-reaches of the North American continent. Rest assured, no one from this camp is going to directly call you that, or, y’know, “get” you in any untoward sense of the word) for salting up their imagery with our poor editing skills. That triangular thingy is their logo, we’re guessing. Triangles are great. The greater news is that the music is, to our knowledge, relatively untampered by ourselves, although given the sheer amount we’ve been tucking into Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated you might be forgiven for thinking that we have had our ruddy way with it. We just asked Intern Tom what he thought this sounded like. He stuttered. He stalled. He choked. He sent us an invoice with his travel and lunch expenses. He failed this particular A&R task. In the time it took him to do all that, we jotted down stuff like The Cribs, (super fucking early) Green DayThe Thermals and whiffies of The Futureheads if they decided they really, in fact, enjoy surfing and beach-bumming an awful lot all of a sudden. Fun fucking indie-pop is what this is. Get into it.

Get Inuit – Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated

Get Inuit – My Oh My


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