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The Magic Gang

We’ve got, like, five minutes to write this. Remember that? Timed blog posts? We need at least five lines of shash to satiate the needs of our preferred wordpress layout, specifically for the pre-blurb that runs along the right hand side of the featured image on the homepage. Otherwise it just looks a bit shit, relatively speaking. So what have we been up to today? Well, we were up at the very crack of dawn (or 8am to you normal people) to embark on a journey of meetings, emails and phone calls that was as physically draining beforehand as it was mentally just thinking about what laid ahead (we konked out at about 9.30pm last night, which is a shame because Captain America on Netflix actually looked quite good. Or rather the first five minutes did). Nearly 10 hours later and this has not improved; although we feel that the vast majority of the daily tasks we set ourselves have been smashed into orbit with some degree of confidence, we are now at the same level of drainy-ness that we were this morning, and it’s never a good think to be yawning this loudly or consistently on a Monday. So, what’s really not helping us out at all in this respect is current Track Of The Day With My Baby from new-ish offshooty types The Magic Gang as it arrives in all it’s gloriously lazy and melodic slop-core glory. We love that shit. We say they’re offshooty because we read somewhere – probably on our mate Tim’s website The Blue Walrus, who got into this lot aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago – that they’re a side-project thingy of London based YRRS. We don’t know who they are, unfortunately. But that’s okay. This is cool. It is cool because it reminds us of the surfy-guitarness of Beach Boys and The Drums, couple with the downright scuzz delivered by the likes of Japandroids and Gross Magic which usually results in us thinking that one day we could actually be back in a band ourselves one of these days. Yeah, right. Also props to this lot for utilising an image of the guy from Mallrats (and a number of Kevin Smith films, although for some reason we can only remember him being a particularly monged-out racist guy in American History X), who spends the majority of the film trying to understand what the Magic Eye (this was a thing for people who like to stare at stuff back in the early 90’s, kids) image revealed in all it’s pixillated wonder, only to have it spoiled by some dickhead right at the end. We’ve all been there.

The Magic Gang – With My Baby


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