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Hunter As A Horse
“We Will Meet Again”

Hunter As A Horse

Weeeeeeeeeeeell, following our most recent episode revelling in how brilliant life is really despite our moaning to the contrary, yesterday ended up turning into a bit of an impromptu celebration. This meant we went to that dim sum place just on Great Marlborough Road/Street (we forget whether it’s a road or a street. Actually, having thought about it, it’s more streety. Let’s roll with street) and proceeding to imbibe several wasabi-laced amaretto sour thingies – we didn’t know what the fuck they were before, being uncultured swines and all – followed by a couple of other concoctions spliced together all in the name of celebrating a well-earned and long-overdue bit of news on a job front for someone that we’re very fond of. In fact, this week, several people deserve a shout out for absolutely destroying the inherent obstacles that usually exist between the jobs that people want and the people that deserve them the most. So, props to Victoria, Cara and Mattie. You’ve made our week. We then proceeded to boom it up watching V V Brown at her single launch at Madame Jojo’s, which involved holding hands with Chris Duncan for a bit. We have also just received our artist passes for and on behalf of Duologue  at Latitude Festival who we get to band-sit because manager Abi has to go lording it up in Lewes for the Gentleman Of The Road tour. Although it’s not all gravy as the navy. We have to figure out what we want for lunch. It’s not easy. Aiding our mid-day crisis are the thought-provoking Hunter As A Horse. Yes, we only ended up listening to them because we’ve been canvassing the Amazing Radio all-dayer line up again, which takes place this Sunday and we’ve just realised we’re not going to be able to make it because we’ll clearly be trying to escape from Norwich. But, fucking, get over it. They’re still good. Ambient. Chilled out. Perfect for summer dazing and that. They sound a bit like Jessie Ware doing Laurel doing Prince Innocence doing Man Without Country. Their bio is far too long for us to read in our burger-deprived state (guess what WE’VE just decided we’re having for lunch?), but we did detect a snippet that they are based in Richmond, home to rivers, cafes, our one-time cousin Jay, and, from what we remember, a fully-functional Games Workshop. Other than hitting up the Queen Of Hoxton this weekend, they appear to have a ridiculous international touring schedule. Which means they’re probably doing alright. Which is alright, because the music’s just great.

Hunter As A Horse – We Will Meet Again

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