“Now I Want To”


Ugh. Beerfest. Or the annual Ealing Beer and Real Ale Festival to you lot. We’ve now hit that shit up two nights on the trot. That’s just how we are. We live a life of courage. And meat. And beer. It was particularly pleasant out yesterday evening, save for Draper‘s presence at Beerfest along with his novice-style approach to ale in general (it’s okay, we were young at one point as well – and we’re just kidding buddy, chill out), meaning that average Beerfest consumption was steadily increasing evening-on-evening, and we also turned our attention to focus on the more fruity-end of the ale-drinking spectrum. Rather usefully, rather than some sexually-devious and somewhat ominous names like “Long Blonde” (although we nailed that quite a bit on night one), these fruity ales have wholly-descriptive names like “Blueberry” and “Pineapple” attached to their shiny and well-stacked respective barrels, which made life much easier for us in general particularly 3 or 4 attempts in. YAW. Anyway, we’re hanging out of our balls today, and are ashamedly on the Red Bull (which is convenient seeing as they’ve recently got into the habit of sending us shitloads, as if they want to get us hooked). So, more comfort music is needed. We find ourselves embedded within the comforting sonic duvets of mysterion (or mysterions, for all we know – there could be HUNDREDS of em) Hockeysmith, who of course we know absolute fuck-all about. Nor would we attempt any sort of in-depth analysis at this stage, given our current ailment, because we would probably screw that up and no one needs that on a nice day like this. All we know is that current Track Of The Day Now I Want To has been online for just under/over 96 hours and is already picking up some online love. Although we’re not even sure where that’s coming from anywhere. Got. A. Headache. The cure is this wonderfully-blended-together concoction of Grimes doing Beach House doing Wu Lyf. Play it again and again and again and then just fade out already.

Hockeysmith – Now I Want To

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