No Middle Name

No Middle Name
“Another Season”

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We found ourselves with some unexpected free time on our hands today. That’s nice, isn’t it? Following an evening that saw us tag along with kid Draper and his mate Stu to the Drop Dead store on Carnaby Street – to drink their booze, look at their clothes, fight their men, marry their women, etc – followed by linking up with our mate Ralph who is back from Ethiopia for the summer holibobs (and other mates who are resident in West London and it is a bit embarrasing/frustrating that we only get to see them on occassions such as these), and then missing the last tube, we woke up at the ungodly hour of 6am for no reason in particular. This is a frequent occurance which is starting to piss us off severely, mainly as we do love a good sleep and rarely get one. We weren’t quite sure what to do with ourselves. Then we remembered that we needed a long-overdue haircut (you won’t even recognise us anymore, according to some people). And that we have a family. So we went and did the former and latter. Spent some quality time with the old man and lady. Nostalgia and prosecco lead to conversations that made us seem a lot more grown up than we (still) feel, but we guess one of the primary functions of a parent is to make you feel like a child, mainly as you are one to them and always will be. It was a good day. Soundtracking the sunshine and the boozing-up-of-it-therein is current Track Of The Day by newish-guy No Middle Name (real name David Bailey, so he’s not kidding – and we’re relieved to discover we’re not the only ones who got screwed out of this intermedite form of identity by our respective namesake providers), which just so happens to be called Another Season, which in turn is out on 8th July via Molusc Records. This is the solo project offshooting from another band David appears in called The Title Sequence. We shall commit indie-cool heresy by saying we don’t know who the other band is. But that’s okay. This is cool and we can see ourselves enjoying this slice of dreamy guitar indie-pop for the long haul. It sounds like a computer game. It also sounds like DeloreanJimmy Eat World, The Postal Service and Telekinesis. Come on, Primavera. Book this guy. Book him hard.

No Middle Name – Another Season


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