A cloud that has been hanging over this week – other than the literal ones that seem to have settled on a permanent basis outside our office window, amidst an overgrown-with-weeds front garden that has recently seen spiky plants attack people upon entry because the bastard wind has made them bend in a particular direction in tandem with fucking up our now-considerably-long hair – is that we have had to condense about 8 days worth of workload into about 4 days of actual work. That. Is. How. We. Roll. The reason for this is because we are off to Download Festival for the first time in, like, ever, and that is so we can go see our buddy-boys Verses party hard and generally fuck shit up when they play the Red Bull Studio Stage on the Friday. At 5.30pm (neat little plug there). We don’t have much time to prepare. Certainly don’t have time for that haircut we so badly need. We’ve had to just send Intern Tom to go get us some wellies, because we’ll need those. Anyway, Verses takes care of the first day. We’re not entirely sure what’s going to happen for the remaining two days, but we’ll work it out we’re sure. We are stupidly excited to see Slipknot as well, and we really want everyone to know that. Sam is excited for Queens Of The Stone Age because they are probably his favourite band of all time and that’s alright. Cool. So. Festival. We’ll leave it to your incredible imaginations as to the reasoning behind selecting Nottingham’s Kagoule with their poignant track Mudhole as our current Track Of The Day; it also helps that the music is rather appealing to us. It’s a bit dark, a bit twisted, and a bit radical. On one side of our brain, we’ve decided that this is comprised of constituents involving Hell Is For Heroes, Sebadoh, and perchance The Cranberries in the Zombie-era (then again, was there really any other Cranberries era worth mentioning?). On the other, we’ve got this pegged as what Foe would sound like if Foe were primarily a bloke. Just imagine that for a second. Actually, don’t bother, you can just listen to this and get familiar with the reality of it all instead.

Kagoule – Mudhole

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