Second Stab: God Damn
“Heavy Money” / Femme
“Educated” / Paper Boats

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We pretty much owned this weekend. Well, not exactly. We’re having a weekend. We earned that following the most rollercoaster week that we’ve had, which we guess we can talk about now seeing as Draper is right now decamping into his hot new lad-pad in London following his signing with Turn First/Universal publishing (yeeeeeeeeaaaahhh, we dropped the big one there) which’ll basically mean you’re going to hear a lot more of him. Literally. He’s going to be writing on big-boy albums and shit like that. He’s gonna infect ya with his grooves and make you a slave to them like he did to us about a year ago or something. One of the other highlights of this eventuality is realising that we pretty much get to see and hang out with one of our best mates on a daily basis now. Look at Pret. We’re coming for ya. Anyway, how did we choose to celebrate this milestone-accolade? We got topless and danced with many, many men last night, including various members of Dems and Niteflights, and of course we have enough photos to document this event from which we could launch a whole new website. This carried on until about 3am. There was beer-pong involved. Sean Kingston was on the stereo. A girl was sick (we’re not sure if this is directly related to the unveiling of a lot of man-flesh all in one go or not; we would like to think so). An ambulance got called. We walked 2-and-a-bit-miles home to Finsbury Park listening to Letlive on an outrageously high volume which made us see the world in a pretty brutal way at that time. It was good. So now we’re hungover as balls we’re pretty sure this is the best time to click in and out of various Facebook pages of artist wot we’ve talked about before, and see what’s new and that. Here’s what we’ve found.

God Damn_SS

Oh man. God Damn. We don’t think we’ve been this attracted to a unashamedly heavy guitar band since The Bronx, primarily due to how, well, unashamedly heavy they are. They LIKE to rock out. IT’S OKAY TO ROCK OUT. If previous Track Of The Day I’m A Lazer, You’re A Radar had us repping the likes of, say, DZ Deathrays and DFA, we’re pretty sure new effort Heavy Money gives a new dynamic element to the band that leaves a pretty bloody MC Rut via Band Of Skulls taste in our mouths and ears. This video is sweet as well. Actually kicking ourselves for not having seen this band live yet. We bet they like to get topless sometimes too, y’know?



Following a pretty sweet run of London live shows at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchenand The Nest recently, we’re pretty pleased to hear that part time-Ultraista vocalist, sports sneakers enthusiast and sweet-toother/calorific intake-denier Femme is gonna be putting out her first single releasery type thing in the form of AA-side (big fan of those) Educated/Double Trouble on 22nd July. If clever pop hooks, sassy moves and strong looks are your thing, please for the love of it all just start getting into this. This is what you want.


Paper Boats_SS

You know it’s summertime when Paper Boats drop a new video into the mix. The fast-risers from Surry (we think, Sam Faulkner told us a couple of times) continue to go from strength to strength, most recently embodied at a live outing at The Borderline. It was last night. We didn’t go because we were getting topless and dancing to Sean Kingston. But if we weren’t doing that, you can bet your mum we would have probably been there instead. More hazy-days Cure-style goodness can only mean good things lay ahead for these bright young sparks.


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