“Loose Tooth”


Oh MANG. You guys. Hey, YOU GUYS. We’ve had a mad-ripe day full of frustrating-as-shit lows and magnificent highs – rather, a day completely ram-jammed with contingency plans-a-plenty. It started (and, to be honest, most working days do. It’s important you know us for the slothanly huffs of men that we truly are. Why lie? We’d just get found out sooner or later. We must all embrace the sloth that layeth beneath) with us dropping a full-toast-face’s worth of Marmite onto our Verses t-shirt. Yeah, we were gonna rep that bugger hard. Instead, we relegated ourselves back to one of three shirts we have worn so often that we have earned a reputation for not actually owning any other form of garment; this also gives credence to the aforementioned moot point of not trying to change who you really are, or the Universe has a way of throwing that attempt right back into your stupid pie-in-the-sky face. This pattern repeated itself in several respects throughout the course of the last 12 hours. A remix premiere that was supposed to happen way earlier this morning actually happen way later in the afternoon, par example. Absolutely no ones fault. It was that bloody Universe again. But get this; we got a free ice cream at the newsagent a couple of hours ago as some kinda not-at-all-inappropriate-in-any-way-whatsoever on account of how brilliant our shirt allegedly looks (right on) and that-there remix premiere was the nicest possible icing to our standard-day-of-stress cake. Another nice way to round off the day is the true-sounding tones of Hartlepool men PALACE. We did not discover them on our larry. We are doing the Amazing Radio panel thingy with that-guy Jon Hillcock tomorrow and instead of playing the “let’s nick their playlist and try to pass it off as our own” maneuver, we’re fast-forwarding by a whole, like, two days and nicking it right now. They’re usually cool with it – Amazing Radio, we mean – and also instead of waffling our way through the panel like some kinda charmingly-befuddled Hugh Grant, we might just read off this instead so that we have something relevant to say (although by the way this write up is going, that’s also wishful thinking). Anyway, Loose Tooth is a pretty little ditty that suits this summery-sunny backdrop currently powering through the mean streets of Hammersmith down to a tee, and if it doesn’t put you in a dreamy sort of mindset then there’s something quite clearly wrong with you. Music-wise, we imagine this to bear resemblance to the planet collision between that of Pavement and Pixies, with Jane‘s Addiction‘s Perry getting all chanty and what not over the topline. Man, wouldn’t that be cool?

PALACE – Loose Tooth

PALACE – St. Albans (Things We Used To Do)

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