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Ballet School

We are in a strange place right now. Well, literally we’re in bed. Yeah, you heard. It was the last-ish night of Primavera yesterday/this morning and Chris Duncan forced us to power through our 4am energy slump whilst we were watching Hot Chip and pretty much dancing some of the freshest moves you ever did see and simultaneously falling asleep on our feet Jeremy Lloyd-style. Chris accomplished this feat through a combination of scathing insults that did some pretty serious damage to our already-bruised egos (the word “puss-boy” was used. He called us a fucking puss-boy) and the promise of one of the most incredible things we were ever likely to see. He was right; seeing some several thousand people lose all of their complete shit to some dude DJing Beastie Boys’ (You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party) whilst the sun rose in all it’s warming-orangey-redish-glowy-glory was really something. We also made friends with some Italian guy weilding a lightsaber who let us write “JEAH” in his book that he was handing around to random people to sign much like a wedding guest thingy, which, if you think about it, is actually a really good idea and a great way to make friends. We can all learn a lot from him. Anyway, right now we are in a world of pain. We’re assembling in search of comfort food and we have a consensus in a mission to a sports bar (usefully named “The Sports Bar”) which is about a 5 second walk that have nice-looking burgers. We can handle that. Getting us in the mood by making us feel a lot better than we did about three hours ago – and representing our first step back into the world of what we would refer to as normal by getting our Track Of The Day back on – is a three piece called Ballet School. They are from Berlin, or are at least based out there right now. They are the second band of late that we’ve written up about that involves ballet and/or ballerinas in the name, suggesting that we’re quite into that sort of thing. Jonathan Garrett gave us a nudge about these guys and he is never wrong when he tells us to check out a band in terms of them being pretty great. Guttingly we weren’t around to get a dose of this Don Henley via Rilo Kiley via The Cure via Fleetwood Mac kinda awesome in the live context when they played Birthdays in Dalston this week just gone, but from what we can surmise given the strength of this and the inherent demand to hear more that lays within, surely it won’t be long before they’re back in town? We like to think so anyway.

Ballet School – Ghost

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