Release: Embers Announce New Single Via Killing Moon


It has been more or less one year since we first met three (or possibly four, a lot has happened since then) members that comprise the bulk of Embers; at the time we were saddled in-between two releases, the then-recently released single from Worship, and the upheaval (albeit a pleasurable one) involved in getting Bluebell‘s single released. We were working several consultancies/cleaning jobs plus 1x day job at our mum’s General Practice just to pay of the financial liabilities incurred by the two, and now here we were talking to another band whose music we had become obsessed with, outside the Bull & Gate where we were curating another monthly show from which we made no money (although we didn’t lose any either, thanks to the dudes at Club Fandango), actually contemplating setting up another vinyl release which we clearly could not afford. The music was just that good, as well as being some of the most amibitious and louder than anything we had heard from a band at this stage in their career. From Embers‘ perspective – although we won’t go into specifics – 2012 was for them, we imagine, one of the most difficult years to endure in terms of personal, professional and musical experiences. To say mishaps happen in threes is one of the biggest miscalculations they could be dealt with. Yet, not only did they persevere – they vindicated themselves in the process, at least to themselves which in this day and age counts for everything, or at least to us it does. At the end of 2012, following scraping together enough to put out 100 copies of their debut self-released single, Embers (quite aptly) ignited the blogosphere with their breath-taking live video for Hollow Cage. It is bands like Embers that blow us away by the mere fact that they are willing to take a risk, which a lot of people never do during their entire lifetimes, and that through doing so we’re reminded of the reasons we love working with bands like them in the first place. Isn’t it just fucking brilliant how things change when you least expect them to? We’re now overjoyed that they’ve allowed us to release their next offering, Part Of The Echoes, via Killing Moon which will be out on Monday 8th July at a limited edition 7″ vinyl and digital download. Now check out the press releasery bit…


Embers have announced details of the release of their new single, Part Of The Echoes. Released as a limited edition 7” through Killing Moon on Monday 8th July 2013, it features the B-side Digital Daze.

Embers – Part Of The Echoes


Embers will be playing at this week’s The Great Escape Festival:


17th – SESAC Matinee above Audio @ 12.30pm

18th – The Mesmirist @ 5.20pm

When writing Part Of The Echoes we wanted it to be a cacophony of noise. We wanted to create a mini symphony in a song, for it to be an unrelenting swell of melody driven forward by crescendo after crescendo. The song’s about feeling powerless and victimised by circumstances that aren’t your own. It’s about the seething pressure of uncertainty. About the inevitable slip of opportunities that will never be presented. It’s about  feeling like you’re part of the echoes and knowing you’ll never be heard – Embers May 2013.

For further information contact:

Steve Phillips (national press)/ Natalie Quesnel (online)

Big Mouth Publicity 0203 189 4606 [email protected]

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