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Bloody Knees
“Ears, Eyes, Ohs, and Yous”

Bloody Knees

Let’s break down recent events to you in a succinct way. One: we have fallen drastically behind in terms of everything, but more relevantly our usually not-shit-but-bordering-on-the-alright new band detection front has taken a massive dip in the last 48 hours. Two: one of the reasons for being drastically behind with everything, hence our A&R skills have gone to shit, is because we are continuously getting lumbered with other people’s problems and only have ourselves to blame because we’ve forgotten the power of saying no. Three: we are getting fucking stressed out on sorting out last-minute arrangements for Great Escape, which is directly connected to item number Two – indeed, right this second, we’ve been on the receiving end of texts and emails along the lines of “hey [buddy/mate/chum/insert overly-chummy addressee title here], it’s [insert whoever the fuck it is], can you sort me out with a Great Escape pass please and I’ll love you forever and ever”. Seriously, who the fuck are you people? What makes you think we are just (a) a fountain of all things free and cool and (b) inclined to give it to you if we even were in possession of such glorious access? Blag your own shit. Ahem. Four: owing to said stress, we have just walked into the fucking table and now our knee hurts (ow) and intern Clark has just bled himself to fix the laminator that we successfully managed to break the day we were supposed to return it to it’s rightful owner (sorry Mum). So, with that in mind, here’s fucking Bloody Knees with their fucking really good song Ears, Eyes, Ohs, and Yous. Scuzzy guitar skills, they got em. Cheering us up when we’re a bit pissed off at everything, they are. Talking like Yoda right now, we appear to be. Cool. These guys have a self-titled EP coming out on new-band bad-boys Heart Throb Records in June, and we’re gonna go ahead and assume that our current Track Of The Day is lifted from that. Hitting play on this will send shivers of The Thermals, Sisterland and Japandroids right from the point of entry in your earholes down to the exit point of your farty butthole. Yummy. Have a listen, and for the love of God please chill out. Everything will be fine.

Bloody Knees – Ears, Eyes, Ohs, and Yous


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