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“Hypnotise (Part I & II)”

Astro Aaron

Working Sunday y’all. As previously mentioned, we are home alone. We’re gonna put this time to good use. Sleeping, for example, has been a big feature this weekend. We had a cheeky sleep before our fraternal brothers-in-arms Jezzers and C-Dunk popped over for a bro-hang the likes of which haven’t been witnessed for at least a year or so. In that we basically sat around a bit, drank the fuck outta some beers, listened to some Bring Me The Horizon (obviously), had a Pizza Hut (of course), plotted the shit out of Primavera (right on), watched Chris attempt to play drums (he wouldn’t let us show him how to play a pretty standard 4/4 beat all Demi-Moore-doing-pottery-with-Patrick-Swayze-Ghost-style – we were about to post a YouTube link to show what we mean, but having just watched it ourselves, we wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea about what we actually mean), and there was also some An Idiot Abroad action. Cool. We then had a mammoth sleep for about 12 hours, which we are not likely to repeat ever again. Indeed, we woke up in a minor panic having spent those lucid hours of latter-stage REM sleep (i.e. the BEST fucking kind of sleep) starting to think about all the stuff we have to do still ahead of our Great Escape stage exactly one week today. So we’re about toddle on home to see our mum and, more importantly (sorry mum), steal her laminator so we can make, well, laminates in order to gratify not only ourselves but a shitload of other music bloggers that we’re hoping will pop along to check our shit out at The Mesmerist. But before that, here is some music by a pretty cool dude called Astronomyy. Already we are drawn in on more personally-superficial terms owing to the brilliance of this guy’s chosen nomenclature (we will happily file this name next to sci-fi-esque personal favourites, such as Eye Emma Jedi, Wonderman and Boy Of Destiny – the latter two of which aren’t real, to our knowledge, so don’t bother googling for that shash), mainly as we just have a lot of time for that kind of stuff. But, you ask, is the music actually any good? You betcha. From what we know this guy combines elements of bedroom production that at first appears rudimental, then after about 5 seconds of getting stuck into current Track Of The Day Hypontise (Part I & II) you can just tell there are the signs of something inredible stirring up. How so? Because this guy is clearly a gifted songwriter. We’re talking the indie credibility along the lines of Postal Service and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and ramming it into the stomach of Radio 1-style currentness vis-a-vis Owl City and Bastille. The chorus is indeed one of the catchiest slices of pop greatness we’ve taken to in quite some time. We’re going to do ourselves a big favour and keep an eye on this dude, and we strongly advise y’all to do the same.

Astronomyy – Hypnotise (Part I & II)


Astronomyy – Shapes

Astronomyy – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe

Astronomyy – Paradise

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