Second Stab: Low Moon Low
“Calm Now” / SULK
“The Big Blue” / Daniel James
“The Stone and The Hollow”

round two 1

Ugh. Today has just been one piece of shit after another. Well, not really. Actually we started off today in the best and raddest possible way. It was all headed for a train wreck after that. We spent most of the morning getting told off, both directly and vicariously in different contexts, by lawyers. Oh those goodie-goodie, brilliant, well-educated lawyers. Essentially on one hand we were lectured on what we can and cannot do with our own shit, and on the other we were pretty much subjected to a tirade of abuse. We very nearly became a lawyer once upon a time, FYI. It’s a cool profession. Apparently it gives you license to make out to the world at large that you know everything about literally everything, and that everyone else is actually a moron compared to you. Seeing as we couldn’t really see ourselves filling such hefty shoes, mainly as all we know is that we know pretty much fuck-all about anything (we avoided a career in the medical profession for similar reasons, mainly as that’s how you end up killing a guy), we ended up working in music whereby you can actually make a living out of buggering things up on the reg, such as OTHER people’s lives and careers. The other thing that has pissed us off today is that our emails are letting us way down on a day that, arguably, we really need them the most. So, in a weird way, we’re back down to our humble beginnings today folks. We’ve still got the blog. The lovely blog. And what better way to celebrate this sequence of unfortunate events bestowed upon our person than writing further about stuff that, in a seriously non-boastful way (let’s face it, we don’t have a boasty leg to stand on today, do we?), we wrote about in a timeframe that errs more towards our aforementioned humble beginnings. Engage…

Low Moon Low_SS

Things have CHANGED for indie-guitar dudes Low Moon Low since….whenever. In tandem with playing a most-righteous show at the toilet-turned-venue Ginglik (West is best yo) and recording one of those cool-ass them-there Daytrotter session thingies, it is no small co-incidence that they have been taken on by and/or appointed those cheeky men at Fraternity Management. This means good things are a coming, at least in our minds. Ahead of playing a show for the ever on-it And Now The Weather… peeps at Notting Hill Arts Club this very evening (we can’t go, mainly because we have a date with Bring Me The Horizon tonight at Koko that we’ve been psyching ourselves up for some time now. It is ugly but necessary), they’ve recently whacked up new effort Calm Now for all to enjoy. So, like, fucking enjoy it.

Low Moon Low – Calm Now


Oh, Sulk. How much meaning does your name have for us today, given that sulking is pretty much all we have been doing for the last couple of hours given our various situations? Quite a lot. Further purveyance  of 90’s Brit rocky styling are the core of the game of these strong-looking chaps, and if you get your kicks from cool shit that sounds like Stone Roses, Oasis, The Charlatans (a good version, mind), John Lennon and that sort of thing, then you will get a musical boner tucking into this spicy twist.

Sulk – The Big Blue

Daniel James_SS

Congratulations to Daniel James for striking his hat-trick in terms of features on the Killing Moon blog today. We recently got chatty with Dan’s management peeps the other day, who were kind enough to share the most recent goings-on in terms of their movements but obviously we won’t be able to divulge that information with you because our fucking emails are still fucked. UGH. Not cool. It’s a real shame because we also found out why he changed his stage name from, um, what it was before and it is pretty spicy indeed. What is cool is that Danny boy has recently floated the new clip for new effort The Stone and The Hollow which makes our soul a bit calmer in these dark, dark times. Bash.

Daniel James – The Stone and The Hollow


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