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Alpha Male Tea Party
“Jason Fucked The Argonauts”/”Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich”

Alpha Male Tea Party

Well, spank our asses and call us…whatever the hey you wanna call us. There’s not a lot going on in the world that could really dampen our spicy mood this afternoon. In stark contrast to our overtly and outspoken sense of emo-ism that went on the other day whereby we were literally were so stressed to the point that our incompetence reached the dizzying heights of literally not being able to tell our head from our farty butthole (let us tell you, shit ain’t pretty no matter which way you’re looking at it); right now we’ve a head full of serotonin (and non-artificially as well), ears full of sweet tunes (which we’ll go into in a sec) and eyes full of excitement for pretty much everything that lays ahead. It’s as if we’ve managed to stick our scrawny neck out of cloud of yawn-and-dunno-and-fuck-off and into the crisp fresh atmosphere of fuck-yeah-lets-do-this. What’s brought this on? Well, it’s just one of those days where every traffic light is green for us personally. The sun is big and bright and shiny. The Verses stock arrived bang on time which means we’re not actually freaking out prior to putting out pre-orders for the first time in, well, ever, because the truth is we play this game a little bit closer to the edge than we’d like and leave this shit to the last minute. They’re looking awesome, by the way. Rogue had his first Radio 1 play last night and we couldn’t be happier for the little bugger. We can’t wait till Draper finally moves to London and then we can have hang-times with one of our best mates on the reg. Suitably happy moods require suitably happy music; and that, of course, ladies and gentlemen, is the rock music. Enter Alpha Male Tea Party and their fucking excellently-named dual Track(s) Of The Day Jason Fucked The Argonauts and Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich. They make us wanna punch the air and say YEAYUH a fucktonne, which is alright. Sam Faulkner found these dudes and sent them onto us because he knew that it would make us happy. And how right he is – this is a ridiculously cool combination of some of our favourite intrumental-turned-proggy-turned-heavy-shit along the lines of Biffy Clyro, 65 Days Of Static, Emperors, Tall ShipsTubelord and all that sort of thing. Apparently they’ve been around for around a year, or at least these songs have, and this fits in nicely with roughly how long it takes us to find something we’re falling this balls-deep in love with. Get into it. They play Liverpool Sound City on 3rd May, so we’re slightly gutted that we’re not going but no doubt Sam will and tell us what a brilliant time we’ve missed out on.

Alpha Male Tea Party – Jason Fucked The Argonauts

Alpha Male Tea Party – Depressingly Shit Lunchtime Sandwich

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