Second Stab: Laurel
“Blue Blood”/ Kodaline
“Love Like This” / Seasfire

round two 1

Absolutely drained right now dudes; mainly as we’ve attempted to actually try to have a bit of a social life this weekend. How about that? Whilst we’re not exactly dreading the largely self-imposed workload that lays ahead in the coming weeks – some Draper bits, some Rogue bobs, some Racing Glaciers stuff, some Great Escape other-stuff, Killing Moon Records other-other stuff (have you lot pre-ordered the Verses mini-album we’re releasing in about a week? If not, why not? Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?) and about a million other things that currently exists in-between as well as others that we don’t even know about yet but undoubtedly will just tip up out of nowhere – having just written all of that down we’re now certainly anxious as hell. Early nights and a shitload of focus are what’s gonna be needed. Get it right, keep it tight etc. We’ll try not to cock anything up as well. Cool? Cool. So moving swiftly on from our regular Moan Track Of The Day feature, we’ve accumulated enough new-stuff-from-peeps-what-we-wrote-about-before-but-wanna-write-about-again-because-they’ve-done-some-new-shit to do one of them-there Second Stab thingies. Let’s. Do. This…


Ah. We’d better come clean right now; while we’ve not mentioned our very favourite clever-pop-starlet-in-the-making Laurel in the express Track Of The Day format prior to this cheeky mention here, we have been very much living (somewhat literally, to a certain extent) with the music of Miss Arnell-Cullen since acoustic heart-string-tugger Next Time floated on t’interweb and got the online dudes all riled up and whatnot around about a year ago. Now the lady has gone right ahead and surfaced a stunning new self-produced demo that remarkably has gotten picked up by all and sundry before we were able to finish up the pretty-delicious-but-pretty-pricey Sunday Roast that we were imbibing at The Old Dairy a few hours ago. Yeah, we eat lunch pretty late. Deal with it. Anyway, comparisons are coming in thick and fast between this latest effort and a certain Lana Del Rey; and there ain’t nothing wrong with that at all. Personally, we reckon that this could well be placed under the header of the sonic love-child of Gabrielle Aplin and Normal Heights-style Bluebell, which of course we have just made up right now. What’s also rather incredible is the degree of musical prowess and lyrical maturity this lady is presenting given her young years. Anyway. Shit is cool. Get into it.

Laurel – Blue Blood



Irish guys Kodaline have got it going on. They’ve sold out tours and assorted shows both domestically and internationally. They’ve got cool videos with dudes being all Jesus-like and monster-faces and stuff. They’ve got a shitload of festival dates coming up this summer. They’ve got our mate Mattie Bennett talking about them more often than not in and out of business hours. In fact, there’s a whole lot of people who are way more important than us bigging up the fuck out of these guys and clearly doing so in a much more articulate way than we’re capable of right now, so instead of trying to top that, we’ll just be a good little Killing Moon and fall in line. YEAYUH.

Kodaline – Love Like This



Leather-donning indie dudes Seasfire have been repping it with Dan Grech recently. We remember Dan Grech being a guy who was in Kerrang back in the day who had an album featuring an almost diagrammatic-drawing thingy of his head on the cover. It was a cool album. Apparently that dude produces some pretty big-boy shit as well like Vaccines and Hurts, and now we can add Seasfire to his list of accolades that saw him mixing this new effort Oh..Lucifer. We should be bitter about Seasfire in general. They kicked some serious botty when it came to Amazing Radio’s Zing Awards a few months ago, including that of our guy Draper. But that’s okay. We love them anyway, and so it seems do a whole load of other people like XFM, 6Music and Radio 1. We’re looking forward to seeing them booming it up alongside the likes of our-guys Duologue at Live At Leeds on 4th and 5th May. Which is, like, bloody soon. WUT.

Seasfire – Oh..Lucifer

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