“Forward Miles”


Interesting turn of events in in the last 24 hours kids. All that mad ripe work-related stress shit we managed to put ourselves through for the last, dunno, two weeks had suddenly turned into a great result for all and sundry. It’s a little bit like spending absolute fucktons of hours in a really annoying traffic jam only to find that when you get near the front of the queue that you were in the wrong lane the entire time. Or something. Anyhoo, celebrating good times is what we did last night in the form of seeing our ye olde university crew for the first time in what seems like forever, followed by, um, well, going home. Great story there. Anyway, in anticipation of finally locking down something that we’ve spent absolutely ages trying to sort out (YEAYUH), here’s Australian peoples MT WARNING with their quite-frankly brilliant new Track Of The Day Forward Miles. At least, we are assuming they are Australian peoples. It looks like they play places in Australia a fair bit. Names that pop into our head when activating the impressive clip for the aforementioned include Grouplove, Postal Service, Miles Benjamin Anthony RobinsonLittle Green Cars and Band Of Horses – not just in terms of that near crescendo-like build up that we’re total suckers for but in respect of the poignant and striking lyrical songwriterycraft these guys seem to possess. What’s mega news is that they’ve got two shows confirmed in London in, like, a couple of weeks; namely Shacklewell Arms and Field Day on 22nd and 25th May respectively. Ah balls. We’ve just realised we’ll be at Primavera. Don’t our lives just suck so hard? Do us a favour and check these guys out if you can, they sound rad.

MT WARNING – Forward Miles


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