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Prince Innocence
“Golden Hour”/”To My Right”

Prince Innocence

This is a five-minute blog post type jobby thingy. Bet you missed those, huh? Where we’re against the clock? Everyone’s asking for shit every two seconds? People wanna stop and chat and talk about life and whatnot while we’re literally trying to do fucking everything in the world all at the same time? Well, good for you guys. Must be nice to have, like, a life. We used to have one of those, then we surrendered ourselves to the groove and just became a slave of musical radness. Now we’re buggered. We ain’t got time to eat. We ain’t got time to sleep. We ain’t got time to even find out what the sodding time is. Specifically, constituent parts of our overall problem in this context include but are by no means limited to chasing up booking agents (are you ever around when WE need YOU?); sorting out living arrangements for a certain special dude; doing some pretty detailed sales analysis and working out just what the hell all of that means in relation to just what the hell we’ve spent a substantial amount of money on; putting up with intern Clark’s incessant questions about pretty much everything as well as anything in-between all of that. UGH. Intern Clark is not all that bad though. He played us Canadian duo Prince Innocence, and seeing as (a) they’re good and (b) we’ve really not had the time since Monday to spy on other people’s Facebook likes much less source a new Track Of The Day off our own back (come on, we’ve all done it when in such a state as this), we’re rather grateful for this eventuality. Well done, Clark. You’re alright. From what we can briefly tell, Prince Innocence are doing alright as well; having recently transpired from a blogosphere-cruising Battlestar Galactica – and we say that with some authority, given that we’re sad enough to ingest large quantities of sci-fi (always got time for that, obviously), and that we’re currently noting down that these guys sound like they belong on the Drive soundtrack – and punching into mainstream print press (i.e. we saw for a brief second they had a live review in NME recently), we’re guessing that they’re well and truly on their way to good things and/or times. Intern Clark reckons they sound like (mainly because we told him what we reckon they sound like) Pawws, Friendly Fires (alright, he came up with that all on his larry), MGMT and Dom. Which ain’t too shabby at all.

Prince Innocence – Golden Hour

Prince Innocence – To My Right

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