“Out Of The Blue”


Unbelievably, we’re still a bit fucked from Friday. Y’know that horrible feeling of doom’n’dread and notquiterightness that you get having been at a festival for three days on the trot, absolutely smashing the shit outta the beers, nailing the crowd-surfing, and doing other stuff that you really shouldn’t be talking about on the internet? And then you come home and your body just gives up on life and you’re not quite human for about, like, a week thereafter? Yeah, well somehow we’ve managed to condense that level of fuckyeah into us within the space of one evening. One night in HELL. Sam Faulkner reckons we should shut up about it because all of this was self-inflicted, but we’re just going to go ahead and ignore that, because everybody knows we just like to talk up our hangovers on the blog no matter how great or small. Tell you what is helping though – new Glasgow dudes Prides and their game-changing new Track Of The Day Out Of The Blue (which is pretty much how we discovered them – our mate Ally just whipped them out of nowhere last night, and was all like “check out these dudes”. That bloody guy. And WHAT a guy). Within about the first, dunno, 2 or so seconds of hearing the breaking moments of Out Of The Blue, you just know that this is going to rival Bastille in terms of indie-pop prominence in the years to come – we can also detect a bit of Sir Sly and Sons & Lovers in the mix, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that at all. Additional plaudits come in the form of Chvrches actively bigging these guys up when the clip for this track surfaced mere days ago. There are debut live shows coming in May, specifically for Brew At The Bog on 4th May, then for Stag & Dagger up in Glasgow on 18th May – the latter of which is a bit of a bummer in a way because we’ll of course be soaking it up in a hot-tub with our soulmates (probably) at our Blog Up stage at The Great Escape. But don’t worry. They’ll be doing more shows soon enough, especially if we have anything to do with it.

Prides – Out Of The Blue


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