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Second Stab: Eye Emma Jedi
“Places” / Mr Little Jeans
“Oh Sailor” / MT

round two 1

There is a very distinct chance we may now be ill. There’s something not quite right with our tummy. Whether this is related to the being-way-hardcore-at-life policy that we have instigated over this weekend is debatable, and also highly plausible. We type this from the comfort of our own bed as we so often do on these lazy-ass Sunday afternoons; yet when we tried to move just now as we occasionally do on these lazy-ass Sunday afternoons, we found ourselves overwraught with a feeling of queeziness. Not cool. This is bad news for everybody. The thing is, this is the first time in recent memory that we have partied to the point of excess by reason of just being so fucking happy at the moment. Not just us; most people we know or have encountered over the last seven days seem to be in the same sort of mindset. Maybe it’s the sun. Maybe it’s because quite a few things seem to be working out pretty well for us round about now (and some of those things, we hope, we’ll be able to spill the beans on fairly shortly) as well as some of those close to us. Maybe it’s because there’s so much fucking great new music around at the moment which makes our made-up job a real sweet breeze right now. Like the below stuff, for example.

Eye Emma Jedi_SS

We know these guys. We know that afro. Those guitar moves. Those vibes. WE KNOW THIS. Our brother-bears Eye Emma Jedi are back to smash the indie-rock scene having recently emerged out of a Spanish-villa-requisitioned-as-a-studio where the dudes just caned the crap out of what is to be the debut album in 100 days. Places is the first offering to surface online from said-debut album and is out digitally on 24th April. We don’t need to go into a long-winding monologue of reasons why this is fucking cool. Just accept the fact that it is, then listen to the track and rejoice in the fact that you didn’t make a massive mistake in thinking otherwise.

Eye Emma Jedi – Places

Mr Little Jeans

We’ve been avid followers and fans of  Mr Little Jeans since way back when we heard Monica’s dulcet tones all over a thing called MySpace (for our younger readers, MySpace is a bit like Facebook but without anything particularly remarkable going on). She did a pretty spicy cover of Beyoncé’s Single Ladies. Then there was the soul-lifting Rescue Song. Then that awesome Arcade Fire cover. She’s now back on the flip-flap with rousing new number Oh Sailor – and what’s even more stonking in news format is that, at long last, there is an actual Mr Little Jeans album on the way. Also, we think this might be the first time we’ve seen the lady in a music video. HAPPY DAY.



Leaps, bounds and all that sort of thing are what radical-looking squad MT have been through since they first invaded our earholes a little over/under a year ago. Their time is now. Their look is strong. Their music is righteous. They’re playing our Great Escape stage in May, which is nice. Also Wet Paint/Old Men man Babak’s little brother plays in this band, which is just the ONE.


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