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Second Stab: Swim Deep
“She Changes The Weather”/Femme

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Doing that whole trying-to-get-a-jump-on-what’s-coming-up-this-week thing. Yes, we’re efficient people. However, we are also slightly foolish, in that we’re actually kidding ourselves into thinking that if we do indeed tackle the chaotic whirlwind that is our inbox right now that this will somehow result in the easing of the workload in the days to follow. What actually happens is along the lines of receiving five messages from several different people in response to our one, which will of course go on to multiply in perpetuity. What makes this doubly-hard is trying to do all this whilst Game Of Thrones is on the telly. Tell you what though – all of this would be fucking shit if we hated music. We mean, it is fortunate we’re still as obsessed with popular and/or musical culture as we ever have been. Take this for an example of the cool-yet-knackering stuff we get to do: we’ve sorted out one of the most spicy Great Escape line ups that you’re ever likely to see – featuring our very own Duologue, LULS and The Vestals amongst a whole bunch of other cool dudes – in conjunction with blog heavyweights The Recommender, Crack In The Road and My Band’s Better Than Your Band. The stage will also be playing host to the now-annual Blog Up, which is basically where music-bloggy types sit around for a bit and drink all of our booze and think about life and presumably talk about music at some point. Word to THAT. Speaking of music, here’s some…

Swim Deep_SS

Look at how sexy and sun-drenched Swim Deep are. Great. Once you’ve done that, have a listen and a watch of the clip the guys have recently surfaced for She Changes The Weather. There is a definite Brooklyn-ish aesthetic attached to it all, which is quite nice, and this is all spliced together with images of people lounging about and a girl swimming around a bit. And what Swim Deep video would be complete without scenes of the band themselves wandering around with intentions of indie lad-itude? The music is, of course, excellent – following on with the near tear-jerking essence of King City, here you have an example of the band’s ability to pen intriguing, progressive pop tunes coupled with a Brit-rocky mentality. Or something like that. Them’s good.



The electrifying Femme has had our attention since invading our earholes last year at some point when we were snared into the Santigold-esque grooves of Sirens. After a stint doing toplines and other such vocal duties and whatnot with Nigel Godrich-endowed Ultraista, this lady is planning on doing a solo stint in London next week on 17th April at the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen where more likely than not we can expect her to give new effort Daydreamer the live treatment. It would be a bit weird if she didn’t, to be honest. What’s for sure is that the A&R world and his ridiculous-looking wife will be be in attendance for that one, and who can blame them? This is awesome, and what’s even awesomer is that this new jobby is available for free here and is something to do with Adidas’ new lookbook. Cool.

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