“You’ll Never Know”


We’ve got about…. 3 minutes to write this. Are you ready? Are ya bloody steady? Great, then we’ll begin. Too much shit is happening right now. We’ve got a guy coming in about a thing this afternoon and about a million different people shouting at us for many different reasons. We in turn are kicking ass in other ways – we draw ever closer to announcing our spicy line-up for our Great Escape stage with brother-bears The Recommender, Crack In The Road and My Band’s Better Than Your Band, and you better believe we’ve got a ridiculous amount of cool shit going on in and around that. Anyway, we’ve now got two minutes left. Let’s talk about Child. They’re from a place called Sunderland, which is in the UK, which in turn is in the world. Presumably, judging by the above piccy-pic, there are at least 5 pairs of legs in this band. Cool. Having only been aware of current Track Of The Day You’ll Never Know for precious little time, we’re delighted to learn that they’re self-releasing this track by way of a free download which you can grab right now from their bandcamp. Free stuff is always groovy. But is the freeness the only groovy thing about this lot? Of course not, you plank. We find ourselves drawn in, somewhat insidiously, by the softly-yet-epic approach to their song craftsmanship displayed much in the same way as the likes of New Order and The Smiths on one hand, then Silent Devices and Spring Offensive on the other. Also, the video is a bit mad and we applaud any effort to splice together as many random images of stuff to make a clip. Rad.

Child – You’ll Never Know


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