Day 2 of new interns starting at Killing Moon HQ. We find ourselves now reminiscing in the day about what life was like for us when we were in a similar position. Things that we were made to do consisted of basically being Chris Baker’s typewriting bitch (apparently we excelled at this); stacking shelves with new CDs whilst simultaneously deciding which ones we were going to help ourselves to at a later point; completing numerous Purchase Orders, even though we had absolutely no idea what they were or what exactly we were Purchase Ordering (apparently we excelled at this task also, giving weight to the notion that we generally excel at stuff that we know fuck-all about. Like running a record label, or managing an artist); having a real sweet time with the franking machine and finding out, in-line with other tasks, that we know surprisingly little about how the postal system works. Tasks we have therefore dispensed unto Intern James (who is a good lad, and has taken the brilliant step of pre-emptively offering to make cups of tea, lest we ask him to make one) include venue-sourcing; flat-hunting; and getting creative with the whiteboard that we spend a good deal of our day-to-day staring at. See? We’re nice guys. He’s LEARNING. James has also elected to submit for his very first Track Of The Day a band from Birmingham called Caves. When he first mentioned their name not 20 minutes ago to us, we did the done thing of pretending we had already heard of them – which to be fair is a half-truth. We have seen their name floundering about since various people starting bigging up Birmingham again owing the the “second-wave” of new cool guitar bands to surface, such as Linn B on Twitter or Hooting & Howling Magazine, and we’re also pretty sure we heard them on Amazing Radio recently. So, allow us, basically. Intern James reckons that these guys sound something along the lines of the following, which broadly-speaking fall into what we like call the “good” category – Joy Division, Sonic Youth, Pavement, Best Coast and Beach House. Right on, James. Right on, Caves.

Caves – Sleep

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