“Little Rope”


Yo – dudes who decide about daylight savings and that. What’re you called? Timelords or some shit. Whatever you are, listen up. This whole “it’s quite sunny for a bit longer” stuff is cool (no, really cool – downright freezing at times), but we’re actually gonna need that hour back that you fucking stole away without really telling anybody over this weekend just gone. Seriously, what the hell? Now we’re waking up at, like, 6am because it’s now LIGHT at that time. You do realise that between the hours of 6am and 8am era of sleep – y’know, the “too comfortable to give a fuck” sort-of snooze? That’s THE BEST SLEEP. And you’ve taken it away, you bastards. Now we’re perpetually monged, and don’t even ask how today we managed to muddle our way through an hour or three of interviewing interns who are actually smart and stuff and know big words like “aesthetic”, because we really don’t remember. Such a lazy mindset – believe us, we’re operating our daily grind right now with the same success rate as a sloth trying it on with a snail about a billion miles away – deserves an equally lazy soundtracking, and by diddly-gum if Tigercub don’t ever make us feel like our mind is floating like a gas cloud in an atmospheric cranium of fluff. This lot are from Brighton – a place that seems to be churning out all manners of spicy musical goods at the moment, but we already knew that – and as such, to date, have primarily been observed playing and whatnot with other bands in and around that area. Which is nice. With the surfacing of the clip for new-ish effort Little Rope, it looks as if they’re stepping up a bit and indeed will be touching down in London on the 19th April, at the Macbeth to be exact. Seeing as we’re now slaves to this whiffy blend of Lemonheads-via-Dinosaur Pile Up-via-Johnny Foreigner-via-Weezer grooves, we’d probably have to toddle along ourselves to see what all the hubbub is about.

Tigercub – Little Rope


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