“Jade Vine”


Funny thing happened the other night, amongst the sheer amount of funny things that seem to consistently happen to us on the reg (for example, we just sent a cool grand to completely the wrong person. Are we with it? Sure we are. You should see us when we’re really not). We discovered that after a a year of being that deliberately-difficult, antagonistic indie rebel – which is a nice way of putting it really, most people would refer to “that guy” as simply a dick – that we do, in fact, quite like Peace. The noun and, more to the point, the band from Birmingham that have been doing quite well for themselves recently. We have a weird and somewhat elitist approach to such bands spawned from an industry buzz and shrouded in hype (it still does strike us as remarkable how to a few of our peers that Birmingham is now a “thing”, given the sheer amount of bands that have come up from that neck of the woods in the last, dunno, 50 years or so), which we’re sure the band themselves never intended in lieu of their ultimate come-uppance and they only ever just wanted to make music and all that rubbish, in that we inherently distrust what we’re hearing. That’s how stupidly cynical and somewhat hypocritical we’ve become, kids. It happened with The National, it happened with those guys, and it will probably happen in the future. Then again, is it not important to ask questions at those sorts of stages? Like “really? Are they really good? Or are you just making me think that?”. Anyway, turns out they are. Good, we mean. We actually listened to them rather than just reading or talking about them. That took a year. We trust music from Birmingham now. Which is just as well, as that’s where new guys Laced are from – we will leave it up to everyone to make up their own minds whether that particular geographical anecdote is an applaudable attribute to this particular track or not (you can see our cynicism slowly creeping back in here and is as obvious as our ability to actually keep these Track Of The Days relevant to the subject matter. Who actually knows what to think about anything anymore?). Blah. Anyway. We didn’t discover them via Peace. We trolled the shit out of the Wide Eyed Facebook page over the weekend, through whom our current Track Of The Day’ers were getting big ups, props, hellyeahs etc, which is always nice to see. Jade Vine lends itself to some of the big boys of 90’s guitar music and fits in nicely with the revival of this lazy-ass genre that’s been apparent for – again – the last year or so, especially in respect of young-ish British bands. We’re thinking along the lines of Charlatans (except this is way better and doesn’t put us to sleep after 5 seconds), Symposium and Stone Roses. And they’ve gone and made this bugger available for free download via their Soundcloud. Free is always cool, nay? As is this tune. Get into it.

Laced – Jade Vine


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