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Royal Blood
“Hole”/”Figure It Out”

Royal Blood

Cabin fever is starting to settling in, kids. We’ve spent the vast majority of the day sprawled on the sofa doing our sodding expenses. The main reason we are crap at doing our expenses is because, well, we’ve never really had expenses before, let alone encountered the need to “do” them. Such is the transition from basically pissing our money away on, well, all sorts to somehow forming an actual business around doing said-all sorts. Let this be a lesson to you all that you cannot go around acting like you’re still operating on a pocket money-based mode of personal economics well into your mid-twenties and expect to just get away with it forever. Accountant Mark gave us a metaphorical dry slap over this for not doing this shit properly for the last six months, and he was right to do it. We will actually never learn otherwise. Cool. Sentiments of bewilderment as to just what the fuck we’ve been spending our money on in this timeframe (admittedly it does look like a lot) coupled with the fact that we seem to have forgotten how to count are two excellent contexts for featuring duo Royal Blood and their current double-whammy Track Of The Day Hole and Figure It Out respectively – other than they’ve lobbed two fucking cool songs over the mile-high fortress wall that now surrounds our inbox (spam filter. Deal with it. That’s what happens when you use RSVPster ahead of SXSW and you then get your email passed around to all and sundry like an actual fuck-jar) of course. An interesting geographical fact about this bunch is that they formed in Brighton (one of them may or may not be from Australia, which, if true, is all the better), which is where one of the very first bands we worked with, called The Blueskies, also hailed from; who, in turn, had a real cool song called Royal Blood. Which is nice. In this context, bluesy-tinged rock and/or roll appears to be the main trade of our protagonists here – in our minds this may well rival the tunage of our other favourite break-outers in this musical vein, who of course are The Family Rain. Nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, as usually you get amazing music like this as a result. Comparisons in our mind therefore include The White Stripes, Cold War Kids, Band Of Skulls and The Black Keys. A fiver says that these guys will do something incredible on the indie-rock scene before the year is out – we’re not even gonna expense that either. Because we won’t remember.

Royal Blood – Hole

Royal Blood – Figure It Out

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