Stand by for another band that we’ve wanted to post about for quite a spell but haven’t been able to, owing to reasons that we really can’t be arsed to explain because we’re seriously on the clock right now. Like, stress city dudes. Anyway, let’s talk about Nymph. We’ve known about, fraternised with, and played silly buggers with (not in that way) Nymph for longer than we can remember, seeing as this triumphant trio are from our own home stomping-ground of West London, and as a result we have ended up in a plethora of drinking scenarios with frontguy Simon and bass-man Richard more often than not. Which is cool. These are hard rockin’ grungey dudes, and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. Stroke feels like it could stand toe-to-toe with the slew on heavy indie rockers that have been surfacing of late – isn’t it just great that it’s alright to be into that shit again? – and given that they’ve recently been sighted sharing stages with the like of LTNT and Arrows Of Love in the last six months or so, and very much in the sweat-box venue context. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that either. They’ve been bum-chumming around with Test Icicle guy-turned-producer-bloke Rory Bratwell too, who presumably helped them churn out this effort. Influence-wise, this solid tune lends itself nicely and simultaneously to the best bits of Muse, Nirvana, first-album Foo Fighters (well, DUH), and perhaps a little bit of Aussie rockers of yesteryear The Vines. Right. We gotta go. Stop reading our waffle and just bloody listen to it.

Nymph – Stroke

Nymph – Alienation


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