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Wax Idols
“Sound Of A Void”

Wax Idols

We’re back. In the country. We’ve lost our fucking voice, conscience and mind all in one go. SXSW lived up to its reputation as an intense rollercoaster of, just, stuff. So much stuff happened. We can’t remember it all right now though. The reason we can’t remember diddly-squat right now is because we’re basically not very human at this point in time. We’re beached. This is the end-result of staying up far too bloody late getting all chummy with Modestep, who are real nice guys and let us hang out with them in their green room and drink all their booze and marry all their women allow us to chat utter shash to them until the wee hours of the morning following witnessing some amazing scenes involving them booming it up at the stupidly-named Doritos stage on 5th and Red River (yeah, we talk like that now). See, we thought it would be a really good idea to spend our last day at the week-long event – which in itself contained episodic banter which usually resulted in us being shattered most of the time anyway, much like most chums and/or people we happened to encounter along the way, and which we will undoubtedly chat a load of bollocks about on this-man’s blog in due course as our memory comes flooding back – getting pretty radical and absolutely battered ahead of a series of connecting flights that would take about a whole day in total to complete in order to make it back home. Basically, we haven’t slept in over a day. YEAYUH. And so it’s only right and proper that we marry up our current mindset with a song’s nomenclature that accurately reflects the funkiness we’re going through right now, which just so happens to be from one of the best bands we caught down in Austin,who just so happen to be called Wax Idols. If memory serves (bearing in mind the above), we saw them at a particularly far-out venue with a hilarious logo that went by the name of The Iron Bear. It later transpired that this was/is, during non-SXSW hours, in fact one of Austin’s few gay bars. Cool. Anyway, in we went, and them we saw. Sound Of A Void is entirely symptomatic of Wax Idols‘ dark, dreaded, and impossibly cool take on shoegaze-via-post punk stylings. There were doomy sprogs of Echo & The Bunnymen spliced with strongly-apparent stoic vibes of Joy Division mixed with the dark aesthetic of yore of The Horrors. There was microphone feedback throughout the entire performance. There were kids doing some sort of epileptic fit-style dancing whilst, indeed, gazing at their shoes – and we’re pretty sure the shoes were gazing right back this time around. It was mental. Damn they looked cool. Have a listen or five.

Wax Idols – Sound Of A Void


These were rad too.

Wax Idols – When It Happens

Wax Idols – AD RE:IAN

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