Dan Croll

Second Stab: Hollow Giants
“Brother” / Dems
“Desire” / Dan Croll
“Compliment Your Soul”

round two 1

Been a while since we did one of these, baws. In fact we feel like we’re lagging behind big-time in the Track Of The Day stakes in general, mainly owing to inherent time constraints that logically follow on from trying to do absolutely fucking everything all the time. We know that’s no excuse. Don’t worry. Help is on the way. We’re about to invite a bunch of interns into our whacky world of musical justice, so that we might met out more of our general vibes unto the world at large. Plus it might be great to get a fresh set of eyes and ears involved in our operation, and perhaps we may even get to chill out a bit thereafter (yeah, right). Anyway, the main reason that we’re back on the Second Stab case is that our buddy Cara told us last night that Track Of The Day’s are “soooooooooo 2011” (well, she didn’t say that exactly. In fact, we’re not quite sure what she said. She definitely said something) and that she generally prefers Second Stabbies. So, that’s that then. Also it just happens to be the case that we’ve accumlated/remembered enough content in order to justify doing one of these thingies. Oh yeah, and we’ve just this morning had broadband switched on in our flat after playing silly buggers with Sky for the last two weeks, so we’re physically able to pull this shit off. We’re sure you find all of these nuggets and/or pearls (depending what you’re into) of information, like, really interesting but we’re just going to crack on with the actual music bit, mainly as our housemate Ian has just decided to activate himself and wants to go to Ikea. Don’t we all? Let’s do this.

Hollow Giants

Previous Track Of The Dayer’s Hollow Giants had us at “hollow” when we first encountered their indie asses several months back. 1 x Club Killing Moon show and a couple of other gigs later, this trio of merry men have galvanised themselves in yet more live outings revolving around the development that they are releasing a single proper on 11th March, one of the tracks of which just so happens to be Brother which we’ve conveniently embedded below. We’ve also just gone ahead and put up the other track, Panic Bill, which is nice of us and took all of two seconds to acheive. Having taken more than a few listens to the former – whereas on previous effort Dreams/Fears we were getting all Ray Lamontagne about it – we’re now being pulled into a bit more of a Lemonheads visiting Sleepy Jackson kinda vibe. We dig.

Hollow Giants – Brother

Hollow Giants – Panic Bill


We like Dems. We can’t recall having ever written about them in a Track Of The Day context before, to be honest. See, there we go again, making shit up as we go along. Still, their Second Stab placement is more than justified for one of several reasons, out of which you will have two presented. Firstly, Dems are legit mofuckers, and in our minds are far beyond the introductory remit-platformy thingy that the aforementioned feature format is designed to provide – and besides, they played our co-op powerhouse of a Great Escape stage with homebrews Euphonios last year and melted our hearts and/or blew our minds with that performance, as well as several others that ensued (most notably when they supported Jakwob at Cargo and literally blew our minds owing to a feckless soundguy who clearly had a thing for teeth-shattering bass levels). The second is that Desire is a thudding anthem for a generation, which we won’t even bother try to categorise soundwise owing to how futile that would be, because it sounds like nothing else. Just look at this bloody video. Then go see em when they play a free-entry show at The Finsbury on 29th March, which is ruddy convenient for us because we live next door to that place.


Dan Fooking Croll

Again, we may have to forgo the usual self-imposed formality of a Second Stabber having the pre-requisite Track Of The Day props when it comes to Mr. Dan Croll. The truth is, we’ve never written about the Liverpudlian Lord of the Dance in the individual context; although to be fair, we did write about his previous outfit Eye Emma Jedi loads mainly as we put out a single for/by them and we wanted people to buy our shit. Dan recently allowed us to jump on his touring party crew list for SXSW (we are going as his drum tech. What helps in this respect is that, if it actually comes down to it, we can actually play drums to an intermediate-to-quite-good standard) and so it is only right that we throw our guy his props. Well, obviously not just for that benefit-procurement rationality; Compliment Your Soul is the sort of stuff that makes us think of the people that we love, as well as others that we haven’t thought about in a long time. We also find it reminiscent of the sort of stuff that dudes Racing Glaciers deliver on the reg; complete with buildy-uppy constructiveness, culminating into air-punching greatness by the time “SOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUULLLLL” comes about. Don’t be a dick; if you’re lucky enough to be at SXSW, come along and see him ahead of this bugger being released on 1st April.

Dan Croll – Compliment Your Soul

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