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In The Valley Below

In The Valley Below

We’ve got that feeling of anticipation building within our person that is awfully synonymous to that of a kid on Christmas Eve (in a John Lewis advert portrayal thereof, at least). Or a pig about to jump into a massive pile of shite. Or a dog that has suddenly got the hong for it’s master’s leg. You get the idea. See, we’ve been perusing the confirmed line up for SXSW this week and basically have started drooling at the idea of seeing so many thudding excellent musical offerings in one intense week, combined with the idea that we will in all likelihood be eating ribs and/or some other BBQ derivatives throughout the entire process. Having just paid a visit to KFC – during the day time – we currently consider ourselves ‘in training’ for the upcoming musical marathon that we’re about to get stuck into. Honestly, we can’t believe we’re finally going. Calming our nerves yet keeping them energised in line with this interesting dichotemy of half-anxiety and half-excitement we’re currently experiencing are new Track Of The Day’ers In The Valley Below, who we will go ahead and vouch for right now as saying this is likely to become one of those “discovery” stories stemming from SXSW following the event itself. Is stuff actually ‘discovered’ at SXSW? Or is it all a foregone conclusion? Whatever. We guess we’re about to find out. These guys are fucking cool and, more to the point, musically-endowed in the same way Ronnie J is to the adult entertainment industry. They are also the second-ever band we’ve come across to have the word Peaches as a song title; the other being The Presidents of The United States of America. These guys, however, do not sound like those other guys at all. These guys sound like, and we quote (from our own Notepad-notes), Silversun Pickups doing The Organ doing Maker (and therefore by default Fleetwood Mac) doing Beach House doing Arcade Fire. We realise that we should never, ever, under ANY circumstances, compare a band that reminds us of Arcade Fire to the actual Arcade Fire in a write up, as we have been told that’s like throwing a lit match into a massive volcano (well, we’ve not been actually told that, but we’ll run with that as a suitable simile anyhoo), but lets just say that’s how strongly we feel about these guys. Get on it.

In The Valley Below – Peaches

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