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Pixie Carnation
“Keep It Coming”

Pixie Carnation

Sweden’s Pixie Carnation may well have come up with our anthem of the year thus far. Other than the sheer amount of bitch-moaning we undertake to the world at large/our mates via the medium of this-man’s bloggeroo which thereby alludes to the vast plethora of general stuff we get up to and the inevitable brick walls we run into along the way, the last 24 hours have entailed the most eventful of recent months, but in a more personally-gratifying sort of way. Starting on Friday evening which saw a long-overdue catch up with our long-standing Disney Prince of a film directing chum James Hall (it actually was an entire year since we last shot the shit. We bloody love James Hall), Saturday saw us clambering aboard the good-times express train to Brighton (or a First Great Western or whatever it was) with buddies Jen, James (see, you got a mention), Clancy, other-James (he’s our new mate) and of course Christine for work and pleasure purposes. We rendezvoused with our other-buddy Mike of The Recommender-fame so that he might plot some Great Escape action with us and Jen for this year, and in tandem with this large degree of organisation – the dude had a notepad and everything – he generally sorted our lives out in preparation for South By South West 2013. We still can’t believe we’re actually going. There will be BBQ. There will be beer. There will be more live music than we could ever hope to ingest in this lifetime. Why would we ever come back, you ask? Maybe we won’t. In the week’s run up to said-event, we find ourselves still leaning on the wrong side of overwroughtness and borderline-exhaustion (following the Brighton trip, we quite literally jumped into a swimming pool to listen to some music underwater. We are not joking. We then went to Meat Mission which was fucking cool in its own right, and at the same time planned our hangover food with housemate Ian which we hope to put into effect as soon as Papa Johns allows) – and so current Track Of The Day Keep It Coming could not arrive at a more appropriate time in our lives right now. Mr Patrick Hough told us about them. He used to play in Belgrade They had a track called Poster Boys which was the unsung anthem of 2011/2012. Ahem. As we might have mentioned already, Pixie Carnation are from Sweden, or indeed the south thereof. Based on photographic and social networking-based evidence, they have played at least one show in London before in years gone by. They have since been picked up by a management company of discernable standing; more relevantly, they appear to be on the verge of releasing an album from which we can assume this bad-boy is lifted from. We wish we had Shazam within our own heads; there is a song that we’re sure everybody knows (primarily drawing on the almost-crescendo style build of the string section in Keep It Coming) that this really reminds us of, but we’re too tired to attempt to remember it. Lending itself more to the singery-songwritery side of the band spectrum, we’ll just go ahead and say enthusiasts of the Mumford & Sons; the Kodalines; the Dan Crolls; the Band Of Horses; and the Fleet Foxes of this world may well want to get involved with this outfit, certainly ahead of their playing of XOYO on 22nd April.

Pixie Carnation – Keep It Coming


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