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Vicki Jean Rosie Mae
“Colour Me Gone”

Vicki Jean Rosie Mae

See those two wonderful expressions up there? That’s more or less exactly how we’ve been carrying on since this morning. On the left you have a pose representative of the phone-call-makin’-wheelin’-dealin’-and-somehow-perceived-as-stealin’ dynamic that we’ve endured nearly every half an hour or so on the dot (we can also lamp lengthy and inherently wordy emails sent out nearly every two minutes, just to make things slightly more stressful and long-winded than they have to be, of course). On the right, you have something that perfectly sums up the perpetual state of gorm we’ve been in since, well, last week, via the wonderful medium of a facial projection that is ridiculously similar to the one we’ve been carrying ourselves. Sans beard, of course. Just imagine that face with a beard. Are you doing it? Well, while you’re trying to conjure up such a majestic image in the eye of your individual minds, have a listen to the quite-frankly brilliant musical outfit that the above expressions genuinely belong to in a real-life non-jokey context, which goes by the name of Vickie Jean Rosie Mae. Rolls right off the tongue, dunnit? Presumably these are the names of the two spritely individuals depicted above, but we’ll be a baboon’s blue bum if we know which belongs to whom. Really, we should know; mainly as our mate Dan told us about them in the pub yesterday. Because he is their bass player and may well have shared this information with us, but we were too distracted by watching Bradford get whooped and/or moaning about our various situations to give a shit at the time. Apologies, Dan. He also used to be our bass player once upon a time, but then he broke ranks and went rogue with his solo outfit called I Saw Isosceles. They were arguably better than our old mutual band, but they didn’t have the same pureness of heart, or more to the point a fully/semi functional Ford Fiesta to get them from A to B to C and occasionally to X. Anyway, we’re digressing. Let’s talk about this lot. Colour Me Gone is something we’ll quite confidently lamp into the indie-pop category (which, FYI, is totally a real genre now) with perhaps a twist of the dream-pop vibes of yesteryear – we’re thinking that fans of Friends (the fuck happened to them, by the way?), AlunaGeorge and Jessie Ware may well want some level of involvement with this crop of cool kids. This track is ridiculously addictive.

Vicki Jean Rosie Mae – Colour Me Gone

This one reminds us of that broad that Prince is kinda trying it on with for the duration of Purple Rain. We can’t remember her name. She was an opportunistic cow though; didn’t she jump onto some other duck’s-arse-wearing bugger while our guy Prince was going through some sort of personal crisis? Deep. Track is tight though.

Vicki Jean Rosie Mae – Last Night

Also, this is actually a fucking brilliant mix. Fucking. Brilliant.

Vicki Jean Rosie Mae – Xmas Mini Mix

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