Ugh. We drank the shit outta some beers yesterday, we can tell ya. This week just gone by was hell. We got yelled at by people we’ve never met before. Spanked over the vocal medium of the telephone. Following on from a series of blunders and mishaps that quite frankly were outside of our realm of control – so, really, we’re not quite sure what we’re hoping to achieve by moaning about it on this here bloggington, apart from perhaps making us feel better about it all – we awoke this morning to discover our buddy Jen is too ill to travel on our planned trip to look at stuff in Brighton and generally hang out with people. We assumed she’d just be hung over as balls like we are sort of right now, following our stint watching Duologue shake their wee-wee’s in front of, like, a billion people at Red Bull Studios last night. But, alas, she is really actually ill. Feel better Jen, cos we’re going next weekend instead. So in typical panic-mode style, faced for the first time in what feels like forever with the prospect of not actually knowing what to do with ourselves at all for a whole day in conjunction with how we’re really not in Kansas Ealing anymore, we have spent the time between 10-11am texting all and sundry to see what kind of action we can jump in on. As a result, we have now made way too many fucking plans. Somehow feels right that way. Anyway, calming our nerves in this regard is Newcastle bloke Kyoti and his spicy alt-country/folk stylings. Here are some facts pertaining to the true identity of this dude. His name is Ed. He is a man. From what we can tell, infered from pictorial-based evidence lifted from the man’s Facebook page, he likes to stun audiences with his acoustic guitar while they’re sitting down. Right on. Musically, we’re getting pinches of Keaton Henson doing The National doing Manchester Orchestra doing Damian Rice. However, our housemate Ian has just walked in and says he reckons this sounds like Peter & Kerry. We are considering making this a regular feature as we have got a lot of time for Ian and think more people should listen and/or read what he has to say, because he is a smart guy and knows many things, like how the boiler works. Anyway, you get the idea. Those of the ‘Toon pursuasion might well want to make themselves available circa 25th May, as Mr. Kyoti will be making himself known in the live context when he plays Evolution Emerging Festival around that sort of time and place.

Kyoti – Campion

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