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Oh, you should have SEEN us this morning. We were hyper as shit. That’s what a near-barista-style-but-nevertheless-instant coffee, swiftly followed by a large vanilla latte, and then (nearly) a whole bottle of special Irn Bru will do to you. Put you into maximum overdrive. For about, oh we dunno, 3 hours, there was very little we could not do. We could climb mountains, despite how battered and bruised our bodies have been left following a day of lifting boxes and playing god with our mobile phone. We could resolve one of any number of contractual issues. We could fly. We could LIVE. But we forgot the cardinal rule that governs the kingdom of excessive caffeine consumption – which, in a nutshell, is first it giveth, then it fucking robbeth you of any motivation to do anything at all, coherent speech and/or train of thought, and then makes your face sleepily collapse in on itself during important-ish meetings so that you look and laugh pretty much exactly like Jabba The Hutt. We NEED energy. Thankfully we’ve got some in form of bright new sparks Glass Caves, in all their multi-hairstyled glory. This lot were put to yours truly by a dude called Sam, who plays in a band called Club Smith, on whom we’ve done a scribe about once or twice. Cheers Sam, you’re a bloody good guy. Sam says he has two reasons for managing Glass Caves. The first is because, in the man’s own words, they are bloody good (RIGHT. ON.) – in that they sound like a crunchy mix between Local Natives and (we think) Two Door Cinema Club vs Dan Croll vs Dry The River. The second is because they’ve actually sold a fuckload of records all their larry. How? By accosting people in the street and MAKING them buy their shit. That’s called street teaming and/or marketing kids. That’s called keeping it real. Or making an actual living out of selling ones music. Whatever. Muscle is an excellent tune and, basically, you should listen to it now and make out like you were into these guys way back in the olden days before the inevitable future arrives, consisting of them being mega-super-movie stars and subject to lubed-up endorsement and/or sponsorship deals.

Glass Caves – Muscle

Ecoute et répète. Then listen to the other one below.

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