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Just Handshakes
“London Bound”

Just Handshakes

Well, that was a let- down. Valentine’s Day, we mean. I mean, where was the sweet loving? All we saw were a bunch of emo dudes walking around in and around tube stations holding massive bouquets of roses and other sparkly thing, but not really giving them to anyone in particular. Especially not us. Goddammit. Still, we had a rad enough time seeing our Welsh homebrews The Vestals do their thing at the Pure Love show at XOYO last night, and despite the fact we promised ourselves no more booze on account of, well, all the booze we’ve been imbibing of late and as consequence how crappy on the inside we’ve been feeling, we of course fucked all that shit and accepted all manners of drinks being sent our way, which ranged from Brooklyn Lager to whiskey. In that we had a Brooklyn Lager and a whiskey. We actually feel pretty amazing today, but that may well be on account that our 3-weeks-of-work-hell has finally come to an abrupt stop – although we almost certainly will send ourselves back down the shame-spiral we’ve only just managed to remove ourselves from tomorrow night when The Vestals smash up The Social for their single launch on Saturday i.e. tomorrow – or at the prospect that we’re finally able to move to North London with our buddies Ian and Jordan rather than getting any sort of grip on our clear love of the sauce. This leads us nicely on to our Track Of The Day in the loosest of possible ways in terms of nomenclature, as we turn our attention to this new effort from Leeds people Just Handshakes and their tune London Bound. This sunset-drenched piece of sound is coming out as a release proper on the Bleeding Gold label, which couldn’t be more apt for a release like this given their geographic locality of California. The label, we mean, not the band. We’ve already said the band are from Leeds. Duh. Other information that we’ve just nicked from the Soundcloud page includes details of airplay from most of, if not all, the BBC 6Music Introducing remits (i.e. your Lamacqs, your Robinsons, your Coes), and they’ve had some solid support slots in the recent past along the lines of Mystery Jets and Pete & The Pirates. Right on. Soundwise, we’re thinking that this would sit well with the folks that think forming a tag-team between The Cranberries and The Smiths is a very good idea indeed, or for your more contemporary kicks, at least in our heads, this has vibes of Let’s Buy Happiness doing Paper Boats. Also right on.

Just Handshakes – London Bound

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