Let us continue our saga on “things what blow up in our faces”. While we’re still a bit winded from what we were blathering on about yesterday, let it never be said that we don’t make the most out of shitty situations. What we failed to mention in yesterday’s shit-storm was that the flat we were looking to move into with certain people fucking fell through. Because people are just bastards. So rather than crumbling into a pit of despair, you know what we did? Y’KNOW? We fucking went down there and found a BETTER flat. Take that, bastards. Now of course we’ve got to fast-track the long-ass referencing process whereby we prove that we are indeed a real person, but the point is we actually tried to deal with our problems rather than the usual tact of basically doing fuck-all about it. We’re so bloody grown up. Anyway, in recognition of this transient mental state, here’s the moderately-more-upbeat-than-yesterday’s-Track-Of-The-Day new effort from new guy/guys Blossomer. He/they is/are also a man/men who knows how to feel. He/they likes/like pop music. He/they is/are from Sheffield. That’s really all we know, other than his/their music makes us feel a bit sexy on the inside, much in the same way as Frankie & The LightsThe XX, Gotye and Rhye would do if they all buddied up and started making music like this – in fact, we’re sure that the sound waves emanating from this/these chap/chaps are permeating throughout our person via our earholes and putting us in this weird mood that we’re clearly in right now from within ourselves. Clever guy/guys.

Blossomer – Brother


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