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Second Stab: The Divers
“People Seem To Talk” / Swim Deep
“The Sea” / Ecstasy
“Friends 4 Lyf”

round two 1

WhoooooooooOOOOAAAHAHAHAHOOOAAAAAHHHHHHa. Absolutely crazy shit going down right here dudes. Here’s what the last 24 mofucking hours have consisted of: taking and also making conference calls to assorted types between the hours of 8pm and 2am; convincing certain people that we’re really not cut out for the world of fashion; being convinced to dress up in a skirt on the weekend, in order to convince the world at large that rape is bad (there’s a pattern of convincing all sorts about all sorts going on here, clearly); madly trying to stay on top of the insane amount of vinyl orders coming in and failing miserably (we’ve decided we no longer want to give that personal touch to our physical distribution. In that we would quite like someone to step in and do this for us. Seriously. Fucking, get us out of here); trying and failing to stay on top of, or indeed even commence, the accounting on certain projects we find ourselves involved with; getting shat up and then unbelievably excited about going to SXSW for the first time (y’all better watch out); and a whole bunch of other serious shit that we really won’t try to burden you with as we feel we are probably boring you to tears at this point anyway. Cool. Anyway, in between this, that and the other, we’ve left our bloggy action alone for a total of one day, and right now it feels like that Simpsons episode where Homer unfortunately forgets that Bart was at a football thing and left him waiting there in the cold shitty rain for far too long, and feeling incredibly guilty about it. We would source and embed the appropriate clip of said-episode, but unfortunately we have to bust a move real soon to see Draper rip it up at Shepherds Bush Empire with Jakwob, Iggy Azalea and of course Rita Ora. Cannot believe we just typed that. Anyway, we’ll shut up a bit now. Have some music.

The Divers_SS

Pete and co, aka The Divers, return to positively bother our ear-drums with this tasty new effort entitled People Seem To Talk. We think it’s great that they’ve pointed this out to us. Y’know, that people do indeed seem to talk. No suggestions as to the subject matter of what these people seem to be talking about exactly, but that’s okay. We managed to catch the dudes rocking the fuck out of the Hoxton Bar & Kitchen a few weeks back for the Artrocker New Blood Festival, and this one in particular stood out in the live context. Sounds like mofucking 1st album Foo Fighters doing Manic Street Preachers. We’re hearing rumours (albeit substantiated ones) that these guys are back in the studio for a new single soon-ish, and we can’t wait to hear that noise.

The Divers – People Seem To Talk

Swim Deep_SS

Since making us weep openly (well, in our car) as we were listening to stoking debut single King City on repeat (again, in the car) for reasons we care not to mention (which is ironic given how much we otherwise ramble on) round about this time year, we’ve seemingly lost a bit of touch with the fabulous party boys from Birmingham that are Swim Deep. In particular, we miss chatting absolute shite with member Zach about stuff that again we really shouldn’t be mentioning on such a public internet forum, so just ask us next time you see us in person and we’ll spill. We have a suspicion that, like many band members that go on to have a modicum of commercial success, we are no longer Facebook chums with young Zach owing to the sheer amount of shash that we post up on a daily basis. That’s FINE. Anyhoo, they’ve recently unveiled this clip for new effort The Sea, presumably the epitome of one swimming deeply by all accounts, and we think its pretty spicy.



What else can we say about this lot other than we are balls-deep in love with them? Basically nothing. So we won’t. Here’s Friends 4 Lyf, which is essentially what we wish we were with Ecstasy.


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