“Strict Face”/”Mellow Magic Marker”


Damn it all to heck. We are so far behind with absolutely everything. It’s a problem of our own making. We start too much shit. Vibe out too hard. Shake our wee-wee’s a bit too frequently. Seriously, this is one of those days where we have just laid flat on one of the office sofas facedown pretending we can disappear for, like, 5 minutes or something. “These are good problems to have” is something we have been caught muttering consistently since the year began. Well, we take that back. These are awful problems to have. We mean, doing something we love for an actual living, day in and day out? Dudes, please. So we’re back on the blogging front to get and feel a bit more real. But guess what? We’re even behind on that front, if what we’ve briefly seen buzzing around the MANS facebook page is anything to go by. We’ve got about 10 mins before we’re off to meet (meat) with our buddy Jez to eat the absolute balls out of whatever we can get our hands on at Bodeans (we are considering actual balls), so to break it down for youse, these guys are getting props from all sorts ranging from This Is Fake DIY to NME. We know what you’re thinking. We just lifted this from the NME. Not true, bastards. But it is good news for all concerned that these chaps are getting such props, in furtherance of spreading word of their Talking Heads via Temples via Empire Of The Sun musical stylings. Even better news is that these two spicy twists will, and very likely already have, received a release proper via Teeth Records. Which is nice. Engage.

MANS – Strict Face

MANS – Mellow Magic Marker

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