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Bloody hell, Manchester. Bloody, bloody hell. You took our sleep, our personal health and our dignity all in one go last night. And you did it so well. We have to say that your nightclubs are actually – and we mean this in the nicest possible way – fucking shite. Apart from the one called Hot Shots where you gave us ten heavily watered-down shots for ten quids, which obviously and somewhat ironically got us a little bit rowdy without us noticing it at the time, as well as being so utterly and unapologetically divey that in a really fucked-up way it was totally the place to be yesterday night. Well, okay, we didn’t go to literally all of them following a rather superb show displaying the talents and various swearwordiness of our guy Draper, Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora, but the other one we ended up at was pretty awful. We can’t actually think of a time that we’ve been to a pop show, or indeed a hip-hop-ish one. Pop kids are clearly a bit insane. They sway and surge and scream and shout and generally stare you out if they think you’re someone else. It was intense. We slept soundly on the train, which was also a first. We are broken after just one date after this monster tour. We want our dignity back. Sleeping will have to be first in the pecking order however. Helping us squeeze the last remaining traces of red bull and other branded stimulants (and chicken of course) out of our broken body is bedroom-DIY type indie-popster Pretty HeartThis lady’s real name is Morgan. She is from Ohio. An effortlessly icy-cool track that has a huge focus on the engaging lyrical content, backed with an ethereal soundscape that renders the listener a bit thinky-about-lifey (especially given the state we’re currently in), as embodied in Toy gives us the impression that the blogosphere most likely will, and indeed may well have begun to already, ignite with as much furore as was present at the pop show last night. Think Fever Ray doing Bat For Lashes doing Bjork and a birra Grimes, and you’ll be where our head is at on this one.

Pretty Heart – Toy


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