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That ain’t even a typo – there is in fact a (good) band called Kill Moon. In fact, there are plenty of bands that are actually called Killing Moon. They are predominantly thrash and/or metal bands from either the US or the UK. We know this because we like to google ourselves every so often to see how well we’re getting our SEO on, and can’t help but expand our search into such contexts beyond that of numerous references to the Echo & The Bunnymen classic (although that’s not actually the band we lifted the name from. We’re actually way more into Thrice…). Anyway, we can’t lay claim to this one. That bloody guy Mike at The Recommender, well, recommended them to us via the medium of a tweet. Having only just now got round to checking out Kill Moon – and rather conveniently, just in time for them to whack up new effort and current Track Of The Day Shine – we can confirm that they are not thrash and/or metal. They reckon they’re noise-pop, which we interpret to mean that they make pop music that’s a bit noisey. They are also from Brighton and there are four of them, which is a nice little set of factoids for youse lot to note down in your music-ish notepad. Given that we’ve lost ourselves in the brand new-ish clip for the track for about half an hour now, we’re gonna go ahead and say this sounds like a perfect fit alongside the guitar-psyche revival that’s got a few people’s knickers in a twist around bands like Temples – think Stone Roses doing Garbage doing Republica for a bit of insight into the indie twist that is present here. Or ignore all of that waffle we’ve just written and get down to see em when they rock the fuck out of Brighton’s Green Door Store on 29th January. Which is, like, next week.

Kill Moon – Shine


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