Yep. Snow. Incredible. Fucking slip-slided our way into the office today with about as much finesse as a pubic louse. You’d have thought that the mums-with-prams patrol that usually take it upon themselves to make our lives just that little bit more difficult than it needs to be when it comes to dealing with public transport (in case you didn’t know, it turns out that you can in fact use a pram and/or tiny human still in infancy as a weapon, designed not only to ram right in between the bone of your shins, but also to leave you emotional distraught that you would ever dare do anything to impinge on the world of mums-with-prams, which it turns out is actually theirs and we’re just simply living it in it) would give us a bit of a break seeing as we have to waddle along like an actual penguin. But no. There was no respite. The utter bastards. Still, we’re here now. It’s the end of the week. We got great plans for great deeds this evening and the weekend. Let us treat this as the calm before the proverbial storm. Appropriateness in sonic format comes from a bloke called Fyfe, with a track called Solace. We know stuff about this guy, but in all likelihood PR guy Rob Chute will get ticked off with us if we share that with you (of course we are not under the naive impression that we are the only ones aware of certain things; indeed this track premiered on Disco Naivite the other day, so we don’t wanna look stupid) just yet. Let’s just say for now that the devil is in the detail, and in terms of details we can share with you what we reckon this vibes like. There are The Neighbourhood vibes. Vibes of Dan Croll. And, perhaps, a mish-mash of vibes that might be resultant between a vibe convention hosted by David’s Lyre and Turin Breaks. Whole lotta vibes yo.

Fyfe – Solace

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