The BlackWhite

The BlackWhite
“Cut Through The Middle”

The BlackWhite 2

It is cold as some cold-ass balls in the Killing Moon office today. Much the same as wherever you’re at, we’d imagine. Not only is the weather having a bit of a laugh and winter itself is acting like it can, should and has turned up to to the world-party at a fashionably-late time (although we guess it is January anyway, but still, we could have sworn shit was warmer in December), we don’t even have Sam Faulkner’s usually-warming sense of humour to heat us up today as he has a sore throat and potentially other things wrong with him today. Still, we’ve got plenty to be getting on with, given that we’ve a whole bunch of announcements to make and/or do this week. So, like, watch out. Anyhoo, given the sheer amount of black coats against a sort-of snowy backdrop on the way into Hammersmith today, and also that we’ve been meaning to write about these guys for a while, and that they’ve rather conveniently posted up an actual music video, today’s Track Of The Day intercontinental championship belt-wearers are The BlackWhite. They are from London. We met them at a pub near Edgeware Road in the summer because our mate Chris Duncan was throwing them props. They are good guys because they drink real ale, as we recall and the singer believes in the power of the beard-face. As further recollections go, we think we were told that these guys played as a resident band in a pretty swanky club in Mayfair, or something like that, and now that they’ve got their shit together they’re going legit and spreading their irie guitar tunes for all to enjoy – not least of all culminating in an upcoming show for our buddies No Quarter at Notting Hill Arts Club on 22nd January. We’ll be there. If you’re digging the Placebo-via-The Buzzcocks-via-The Weeks-via-Stornoway vibes we reckon are characterised in Cut Through The Middle as much as we are, don’t you think you should be going too? Think about it.

The BlackWhite – Cut Through The Middle


More? Sure.

The BlackWhite – Feed The Night

The BlackWhite – Embers

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